LEGO's cushy slippers will protect your feet from brick mishaps

As psyched as LEGO fans may be for the new Star Wars, Doctor Who and Ghostbusters playsets, it likely pales in comparison to what the parents of young brick enthusiasts feel for this release: LEGO-proof slippers.

Anyone who's stepped barefoot on an errant brick knows the terrible pain, something the Danish toymaker has finally acknowledged with this collaboration French ad agency Brand Station.

Emblazoned with the LEGO logo, the yellow-and-red slippers are interchangeable between left and right feet, with extra protection for your toes. But here's the bad news: They're a limited-edition holiday promotion for Brand Station (only 1,500 pairs were made), and will be given away at random to people who fill out a Christmas wish list on the LEGO France website.

But maybe there's hope LEGO will see a market for the slippers and sell them worldwide -- or at least include a free pair on their pricier playsets.

(via CNET, Piwee)

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