Everything is Awesome When You're Eating a LEGO-Style Brick Burger


A fast-food restaurant in the Philippines has one-upped McDonald's by serving burgers on buns that bear a striking resemblance to a popular Danish brand of interlocking bricks for an exciting edible, not to mention entirely adorable, package.

Brick Burger sells sandwiches that come in multi-colored buns for your dining delight. Your Mom might have told you not to play with your food when you were a kid, but how can you resist when it comes in the shape of a red 2x2 LEGO block?

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Judging from the menu on the restaurant's Facebook page, Brick Burger has either struck some sweet licensing deals, or it simply isn't afraid of copyright infringement either; the Darth Burger and Hulk Buster certainly seem likely to attract the attention of Disney's lawyers, that is, if the LEGO legal department doesn't get its Cease & Desist order in first.

The one obvious cash-in Brick Burger appear to have missed is attempting to link itself to the impending release of "The LEGO Batman Movie." I mean, we all know Emmet is awesome, but he really can't hold a candle to the Brick Knight...

"LEGO Movie" star Emmet poses for a totally official looking photo op with Brick Burger's spicy Wild Style burger

(Via www.geek.com)

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