LEGO Star Wars Unveils Tantive IV Set

At Star Wars Celebration Chicago, LEGO unveiled a new Star Wars set. The LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV will recreate the iconic Rebel cruiser as it appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

According to the official product description, "The LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV recreates all of the Rebel cruiser’s signature details, including an elongated hull, detachable escape pods, elevating gun turrets, cargo hold and 11 massive engines at the back." The set is comprised of over 1750 pieces and five minifigures, including Princess Leia and an R2-D2 droid.

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The Tantive IV is the first space cruiser to appear on screen in the Star Wars franchise. Belonging to Bail Organa and his daughter Leia, the cruiser served a dual function: for public Galactic Senate missions and secret Rebel Alliance business. When the Empire became suspicious of Leia's activities, Darth Vader captured the ship, believing (correctly) that Tantive IV had received transmissions containing the plans to the Death Star. This led to Darth Vader's iconic confrontation with Leia at the start of A New Hope.

LEGO Star Wars' Tantive IV set goes on sale May 3. More LEGO news is expected to come out of Star Wars Celebration Chicago, which runs Thursday, April 11 through Monday, April 15.

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