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8 Times Lego Sets Spoiled A Superhero Movie (And 7 Times They Lied)

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8 Times Lego Sets Spoiled A Superhero Movie (And 7 Times They Lied)

Who doesn’t love Lego? No one, that’s who. The small construction toys have always been a popular attraction for toy enthusiasts of all ages. But recently, that popularity skyrocketed after the company got the license to so many more brands – mainly Marvel and DC Comics. Now, you can walk into any toy store and walk out with various Lego sets featuring your favorite superheroes, from the Guardians of the Galaxy and Superman to Captain America and Batman. Over the years, Lego has offered many, many sets to coincide with the release of the biggest superhero movies out there.

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However, the problem resides in the fact that most of these Lego sets are always made public, from ads and displays to actual store releases, before the movies they hail from ever hit theaters. While this might be exciting for collectors looking to get the hottest new set on the market, some movie fans have come to find themselves spoiled of very big movie twists and reveals. Today, CBR shops through store aisles to find the eight Lego sets that ruined movie surprises for us the most, and seven others that managed to lead us astray.


Civil War Giant-Man Lego Set

Anticipation was high for Captain America: Civil War. After the second Avengers film, everyone knew that the team would be split down the middle and would come to fight each other. People were wondering which superheroes would show up in the movie, and who would find themselves on Captain America or Iron Man’s respective team. But thanks to this Lego set, we were spoiled about one massive (pun intended) addition to the cast of the film: Giant-Man.

After audiences were introduced to Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang in Ant-Man, people were now familiar with his shrinking powers. But comic fans knew that there was another power in his arsenal, and another superhero identity altogether: Giant-Man. Fans were hoping and wondering to see him pop-up on screen and thanks to this Lego set, the surprise was taken away.


Iron Man 3 Lego Mandarin

Many comic book fans were excited for Iron Man 3, not only because it was the next and final installment in Tony Stark’s very own franchise, but also because it would finally introduce one of the superhero’s most infamous villains from the source material: The Mandarin. But alas, when we finally saw the movie, it turns out that things were a lot more complicated than that.

The Mandarin wasn’t actually real, although, thanks to the movie’s trailers, we were made to believe he was. Then, things like this Lego set from the movie, teasing a final showdown between Iron Man and The Mandarin seemed to further confirm it. Fans were expecting an epic clash between technology and magic. But instead, they found out that the classic villain was no more than a facade.


Lego Batman v Superman

Ever since the title of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was announced, everyone knew what it would be about. Not only would it introduce Batman to the DCEU, it would also pit DC’s most popular and recognizable heroes against one another. But the question on everyone’s mind was how could a human like Bruce Wayne ever hope to defeat a powerful, godlike alien like Superman?

Every Batman fan knows that the Dark Knight always has a plan, and this Lego set revealed exactly that. While some figured that Kryptonite would simply have to factor into the film, that was all a rumor until we had an early look at this Lego set; our first official confirmation. Not only that, it also spoiled that Batman would come to weaponize the radioactive material in the form of bullets to use against Superman.


Civil War Black Panther jet Lego set

It was no secret that the Black Panther would make his grand entrance in Captain America: Civil War – the character was announced to be a part of the fight at the same time as the movie was announced. But we didn’t really know what role the king of Wakanda would have in the film. And thanks to this Lego set, we thought we had a few answers.

As pictured on the box, the chase scene between Black Panther and Bucky — one that was a very important part of the film — was expected to be much different than what we got. While the chase scene in the film took place entirely on foot (and motorcycle!), we were led to believe that the Panther would actually take part in this chase in his high-tech Wakandan jet – something that would have changed this scene immensely.


Thor Ragnarok Lego set

Thor: Ragnarok hasn’t yet been released, but Marvel fans are eagerly anticipating the final installment in the god of thunder’s trilogy. Looking to bring Thor and Hulk together on an alien planet after their absence in Civil War, the film also appears to bring a lot more elements from the comics and Norse mythology to the screen, with Hela, Skurge the Executioner, the Grandmaster and Valkyrie.

But now, thanks to this already-released Lego set, we came to know that Fenrir, the mythological wolf, would appear in the film. While we’ve since come to get a glimpse of him in the later trailers of the movie, our first official confirmation that Fenrir would be in Ragnarok actually came from this Lego set, another spoiler to come before the movie itself could actually confirm it.


Guardians 2-Milano-Lego-set

Even as the trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 were released, little was actually divulged about the actual story. But bits and pieces were put together, and we came to know that the movie would begin with the Guardians fighting a creature from another world — the tentacled Abilisk. But, as it turns out, the actual scene would be very different from the one teased on this Lego set.

Released months before the movie, this Lego set seemed to promise a showdown between the monster and the Guardians aboard their spaceship, the Milano. But, as it turns out, the Milano made no such appearance in the scene. Instead, the Guardians took the fight to the Abilisk with their respective weapons, be they dual knives, plasma blasts, gunfire, swords or a small sentient tree dancing around the place.


Wonder Woman Ares Lego

The Wonder Woman movie, while highly anticipated, was actually kept pretty close to the studio Warner Bros.’ chest. Through the movie’s marketing, only the main broad strokes of the film’s story were revealed, with many key moments, plot points and characters kept secret. As the movie looked to explore Diana Prince’s introduction to man’s world in the setting of the Great War, many wondered if Wonder Woman would actually come to battle an actual villain from the comics.

Still, later trailers revealed nothing, nor did the rest of the movie’s marketing. That is, until this Lego set was released. While rumors and theories had been rumbling about the presence of the Greek god Ares in the film, this Lego set seemingly put all those questions to bed by actually confirming that the god of war would be the main villain of the piece.


Wonder Woman Lego set

While this particular piece of Lego actually confirmed that the villain would appear in Wonder Woman as the movie’s villain, the set also managed to lead us astray. In fact, while the movie’s version of Ares was perhaps slightly taller and bigger than the average person, he was actually little bigger than a massive man. However, this Lego led us to believe something else entirely.

In fact, it can be seen that we were promised an Ares who would be a giant — a hulking beast of a man, one that would require not only all of Wonder Woman’s strength and powers, but the involvement of Steve Trevor and his warplane as well in the hopes of defeating the god of war. Early concept art recently showed us that a giant Ares was at one point considered, so it’s possible that Lego simply didn’t know of the change until later.


Avengers Age of Ultron Hulkbuster fight Lego set

After the massive success of the first Avengers movie, fans were looking for its sequel, Age of Ultron, to up the ante in every way. In order to satiate those demands, Marvel decided to give audiences a fight between a most impressive pairing, one that fans of the comics knew to be a clash of epic proportions: the Hulk versus Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster armor.

However, with Bruce Banner and Tony Stark being science bros, many wondered what could drive the Hulk to come to blows with his friend and teammate. Rumors were circulating that this wasn’t the regular Hulk, but rather one who had been driven mad by outside forces. And this Lego set came to confirm that reasoning entirely, by showing us that the Scarlet Witch was in fact the one responsible for sending the Hulk on a rampage.


Avengers Loki Iron Man chase Lego set

At a time when the first team-up movie between the Avengers was still coming, at a time when everyone wondered how various characters from various movies would come to meet, many wondered under which circumstances that team-up would come to take place. Trailers gave us an answer in the form of Loki as the main villain of the movie. Next, we had Lego sets to look to.

However, while this Lego set actually featured the opening scene of the movie, there was actually a glaring misdirect presented on it: the inclusion of Iron Man. You may remember the opening scene of the movie as mainly featuring Nick Fury, Hawkeye and Loki but, according to this Lego set, we thought the MCU’s most popular character at the time, Iron Man, would be present at the start of the movie.


Avengers Age of Ultron Vision chase Lego set

While we knew that the Vision would be a part of Age of Ultron, details as to the android’s role in the story were kept under wraps. Comic book fans knew the character to be a creation of Ultron that turns good, but no one actually knew how the story would play out on the big screen. It just so happens that part of these answers were spoiled for us thanks to this Lego set.

Depicting an actual scene from the movie, the Lego set revealed that the Avengers, aboard their Quinjet, would chase Ultron through city streets and that they would, through that process, come to acquire the Vision from Ultron’s truck. It was a key point in the film, one that revealed much about Vision’s origins and role in the story.


GotG Vol 2 Lego

From the get go, much of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2‘s story was a mystery. We knew that Ego would be in the movie, revealed to be Peter Quill’s father, and we knew that Ayesha’s Sovereign forces would pose a threat to the Guardians. But there was actually little we knew about the actual main villain of the film. Most just took to the idea that Ayesha was set to fill the entire antagonist role.

As a matter of fact, this Lego set seemed to reinforce that idea. Depicting part of the final set piece of the film, we were led to believe that Ayesha was the main threat to the Guardians in this final fight. But while the golden priestess did end up having a role in the movie’s final act, she wasn’t there physically – only via remote-controlled spaceship. The real, treacherous villain, it turned out, was Ego.


Iron Man Spider-Man Homecoming Lego set

While it was no secret that Tony Stark would have a prominent presence in Spider-Man: Homecoming, little was actually known about his involvement in the main conflict. We knew Stark would be wearing a new armor, and we knew he’d eventually come to Peter Parker’s aid. What we didn’t know, however — what we found out thanks to this Lego set — was that Tony Stark wasn’t inside his armor when he did come to help.

After Peter Parker is left for dead after his initial clash with the Vulture, Iron Man swoops in to save the friendly neighborhood superhero. But actually, Tony was somewhere else entirely, something that made Peter realize that Spider-Man wasn’t the Avenger he thought he was. It was an interesting development in the movie — one that was spoiled by the Lego set.


Batman v Superman Lego set battle

Thanks to Batman v. Superman‘s trailers and marketing push, it was no secret that Wonder Woman would have a role in the movie, and that, eventually, Batman and Superman would put their differences aside and fight a common enemy. While we later came to know that this threat would come in the form of the monstrous Doomsday, this Lego set actually led us to believe something else entirely.

In fact, the set seemed to promise a showdown between the trinity of superheroes and Lex Luthor aboard his helicopter. What looked like a daring rescue of Lois Lane and a scene featuring Kryptonite missiles to take out Superman was actually nothing more than a misdirect, instead offering Lego collectors a set that featured all three characters without spoiling the reason for their actual team-up.


Civil War Crossbones chase Lego set

Captain America: The Winter Solider ended by setting up a classic Captain America villain in Crossbones. Many wondered how the character would factor into the sequel, Civil War, and what his role would be in a movie that was supposed to focus on the Avengers fighting each other. Besides, when last we had seen Captain America, he was forming a new team of Avengers with Black Widow.

This Lego set, complete with Falcon and Black Widow figures, gave us an exact idea of how the movie would actually start – with the new team of Avengers giving chase to Crossbones. And, as we all know, this was a chase that ended with a catastrophic accident, one that led the world’s governments to call for oversight on all of the Avengers’ actions — something that would cause a very real divide between friends and teammates.

Which Lego spoiler angered you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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