LEGO Shatters Tesla with Cybertruck Twitter Shade

Tesla unveiled the new Cybertruck and reactions were mixed, at best. Soon after images were released, the internet did what it does, and memes of the vehicle were everywhere. Not to be undone or left out, the always ready LEGO tweeted its own version of the "cybertruck," with a little good natured trolling thrown in for good measure.

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Most of the pushback against Tesla's Cybertruck has do to with its design, and the people at LEGO thought it looked a little familiar. Clearly, they are also teasing Elon Musk and the Tesla company, calling their version "guaranteed shatterproof."

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This is certainly a jab at last week's demonstration when Musk urged designer Franz von Holzhausen to chuck a large metal ball through the window. While the purpose was to prove the truck's indestructibility, quite the opposite happened when the windows immediately shattered on impact.

In spite of the initial problems, Musk has said that there are over 250,000 customers who have put a (refundable) deposit on the truck, so the teasing doesn't seem to be hurting market-place interest.

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