LEGO releases Wonder Woman's invisible jet

LEGO is starting to roll out its superhero sets for the New Year, and one in particular is sure to catch the eyes of comic fans and collectors alike. While it may not be completely invisible, LEGO's newest DC Super Heroes set features a smaller version of Wonder Woman's invisible jet. io9 has posted photos and details on the new LEGO building set, which will retail for about $50 and officially goes on sale Thursday.

The set, called Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas not only features Wonder Woman and her invisible jet (made entirely out of clear LEGO bricks), but also a Batman minifig in a mech suit, Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, The Flash and a panicking delivery person. While the mech and the other minifigures are nice added extras, the clear selling points here are the jet and the Gorilla Grodd figure. Because who doesn't want a gorilla to kick off the New Year?

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