Lego My Hero: 15 Characters Who Need Their Own Lego Movie

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

When "The LEGO Movie" hit movie theaters in 2014, audiences couldn't get enough of one of the characters. We're not talking about Emmet, although he was adorable. No, LEGO Batman stole the movie right out from under Emmet's perforated feet. Batman was the coolest character in the whole movie, as he would happily tell anyone, if they asked. Because "The LEGO Movie" grossed almost half a billion dollars worldwide, Warner Bros. decided to move forward with a sequel, and a stand-alone movie for "The LEGO Batman Movie."

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Batman, however, isn't the only cool superhero LEGO has on its roster of minifigs. In fact, the toy and multimedia titan has produced video games and cartoons starring both Marvel and DC superheroes, all of whom have awesome powers and snappy dialog. Here are 15 LEGO superheroes we would love to see in their own movie.

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Lego Hawkgirl
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Lego Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl is arguably one of the most overlooked members of the Justice League. She has a rich history and a warrior attitude, so a LEGO movie starring the character could pretty much write itself. Her story could be set in modern day, with flashbacks to her original life in Egypt. Seeing Shiera living in ancient Egypt, with the pyramids, treasure and Sphinx in LEGO form, would be a blast. (We personally wonder what Nth metal would look like in LEGO form?) The movie could present us with a variety of Shiera and Hawkgirl minifigs, wearing different costumes and headdresses.

Her menacing mace snaps neatly into her hand, which could be used for destroying LEGO buildings as well as enemies. Her power of flight would take her soaring past bricky clouds that hang in a blue sky. Hawkman might show up, too, somewhere along the way. Perhaps they would share a mug of cocoa and a sausage at their local coffee shop? Or maybe that's just something we'd love to see...


J'onn J'onzz is another DC superhero who would make a great LEGO star. His personal history on Mars would provide entirely new LEGO landscapes and buildings. That LEGO moon base from the '80s would pale in comparison to a LEGO Mars, complete with alien homes, food, pets, vehicles and the prison he escaped from.

Martian Manhunter's multitude of super powers would also give the writers a lot to work with in cinematic fights. In "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham," Martian Manhunter can fly, create portals and heal himself. He also has heat vision, mind control and super strength. If he starred in his own movie, he could keep all those powers, plus one other amazing trick. His transformation into his true Martian form, when he flies in a circle and reappears as a big figure, is pretty slick. Even with all that power, J'onn J'onzz would be funny to watch every time Despero lights a match.


Lego Hulk

Speaking of big figs, the most famous big, green guy is the perfect character to star in a LEGO movie. The Hulk has already had his own TV shows, including "The Incredible Hulk" and the more recent "Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H." Of course, Bruce Banner and his alter ego also starred in two feature films. While those weren't critical successes, the LEGO franchise seems to have the Midas touch, and would give the green guy the movie he deserves.

A LEGO Hulk movie would of course feature his trademark transformation from Dr. Bruce Banner into the Hulk. There are two LEGO Marvel video game versions of the Hulk: the original bright green Hulk and the "Age of Ultron" gray-green Hulk. The classic green Hulk would work well on a big screen, especially in contrast to his purple pants. (Having all the characters wonder how those purple pants appeared out of nowhere would be a hilarious running gag.) Having Hulk go head-to-head with a LEGO Abomination or Maestro would also mean watching lots of LEGO sets fall to pieces, which of course is half the fun.


Lego Shazam

The only time Shazam starred in his own show was the cheesy "Shazam!" that lasted 3 seasons in the '70s. It's time for this powerhouse superhero to star in a movie that would plumb the depths of his origin story and showcase is amazing abilities. Sure, there's a feature film slated for 2019, but a LEGO version would have built-in fun. Little Billy Batson could be a minifi who, when he exclaims "Shazam," transforms into a regular-sized LEGO superhero. There could be a great mash-up of "The LEGO Movie" and Shazam's origin story, with Morgan Freeman reprising his role as Vitruvius, who could merge with the mysterious wizard who gives Billy his powers. Speaking of mash-ups, a Shazam movie could employ the same kind of funny bits that won "Big" an Oscar.

Shazam has about a dozen abilities, including super-strength and terrific magical lightning strikes. The LEGO versions of those lightning strikes would be a lot of fun to watch, especially if the animators get creative. For instance, in "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham," his blue-white electricity makes his enemies crackle and dance. Plus, the "LEGO Batman 3" version has sparkly hands, fabulous hair and a saucy wink.


Lego Wasp

Watching LEGO figures grow big is amusing, but watching them shrink down is just as fun. In addition to firing electric stings in "Lego Marvel Super Heroes," Wasp has the ability to shrink down to an itty-bitty size when she has to navigate specially-made mazes or improve her chances of flying through stud rings. In a LEGO movie, animators could find all sorts of ways for Wasp to use her shrinking power, like slipping under doors, spying on enemies and fluttering through pipes.

The movie could pull story elements straight from Wasp comic books. In fact, a plot that turns the tables on Silver Age comics could find Ant-Man in trouble and only the Wasp can save him. The Wasp and Ant-Man have fought some powerful villains over the years, but the Circus of Crime would be the most fun to see in LEGO form, with all sorts of shapes and powers, including Teena the Fat Lady.


Lego Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is another superhero getting her own live-action movie as Carol Danvers, but not until 2019. However, a black-clad LEGO version of Ms. Marvel would be just as entertaining. In "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes," Ms. Marvel flies around New York City with her blond locks flowing behind her. But don't let her well-coiffed appearance fool you! She's one of the most powerful superheroes in the game. In addition to flying and shooting a beams from her sparkle fists, she can knock out an opponent with just one or two punches (depending on who they are). All LEGO needs to do is use the fantastic game version of Ms. Marvel for a feature film.

Of course, a family-friendly LEGO movie wouldn't be about that controversial Avengers story that centered on Carol Danvers (we'll just say it involves abandonment and incest). A better story would find Ms. Marvel battling evil mutants, like Magneto and Mystique, who is also one of the most interesting characters in "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes." Make the setting either N.A.S.A. or Homeland Security, and you have all the elements of a fantastic movie.


Lego Flash

Grant Gustin is is doing a bang-up job starring as "The Flash"  on the CW, but have you seen the LEGO version? In the LEGO Batman video games, LEGO Flash is not only one of the most unique characters in the game, but also the most adorable! While he's standing still, he pulses, sort of like he's bouncing on the balls of his feet, ready to run. If he stands still long enough, he does a set of super-fast, one-armed push-ups. Or, he whips out an ice cream cone and devours it.

Beyond being super cute, LEGO Flash has plenty of powers for animators to showcase. In addition to running super-fast, LEGO Flash can wall jump, unleash a spinning tornado and build at super-speed. The Flash is also the funniest JLA member, so his dialog would be full of witty one-liners and clever asides. Add his cocky attitude and his endless optimism, and a LEGO Flash movie would surely be a success.


Lego Squirrel Girl

Speaking of being a cock-eyed optimist, possibly the happiest character in all of Marvel is Squirrel Girl. Her blind faith in the world rivals Emmet's, so she would be perfect to star in a LEGO movie. Her lines would be cheery and funny and full of positive messages, and she has some interesting friends! One hilarious set-up would be to see her hanging out with her new best friend, Galactus. Maybe the two of them could be roommates or co-workers? Regardless of our own fan-fic, a three-way friendship between Squirrel Girl, Galactus and Tippy-Toe would be ripe for the comedy picking and great for kids.

The movie would also feature her incredibly unique skill set. In "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes," Squirrel Girl is one of the best characters to have in a fight. In addition to throwing squirrels with great precision, she has two power-ups. She can blast off into a giant leap or shriek a battle cry that covers her in squirrels. She can also climb walls and run fast on all fours, being the human version of a squirrel, as her name subtly implies. Because she's unbeatable, she could take on some big villains in her own movie, which would certainly make for great entertainment.


Lego Green Lantern

The best part of watching any form of LEGO entertainment, whether it's video games or TV cartoons or a feature film, is seeing the clever constructs the creative team comes up with. Who better to provide boundless opportunities for interesting constructs than Green Lantern? John Stewart is a natural builder, thanks to his Power Ring and his background in architecture. He could whip up an armory of weapons, as well as create vehicles, buildings and even furniture.

Having Green Lantern star in a LEGO movie also means we would travel to outer space and meet the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. LEGO designers would have a field day creating Oa, as well as the aliens who make up the Corps. In fact, Warner Bros. and LEGO would probably make a better origin story than the much-maligned 2011 "Green Lantern" film. Endless possibilities for LEGO construction would make Green Lantern pretty much the most fitting LEGO star.


Lego Zatanna

Zatanna's costume alone would make her a fun LEGO star. LEGO cartoons tend to play with the idea that its characters can snap on all kinds of clothing and props, so having Zatanna wear not only her classic magician's costume, but also a variety of other hats by mistake (we're picturing chickens, plates, potted plants) has us laughing already. The same goes for her magic wand, which could be swapped with chicken legs, coffee cups, bananas and baguettes... not that we've been thinking about it. A lot.

Of course, the better reason Zatanna would make a wonderful LEGO movie star is because of her magical powers. Because she can alter reality, the LEGO creative team would have a world of possibilities at their fingertips. Just like Emmet and his friends had Middle Zealand, Old West and Cloud Cuckoo Land, Zatanna's power could create whole new worlds where she traps her enemies or makes someone's dream come true. There could even be a whole new special effect created for the look of her magic, which looks like purple light in "LEGO Batman 3." Zatanna's personal history, including losing her father to the dark arts, is a terrific story waiting to be told in the medium of LEGO.


Lego Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the most dependable member of the Justice League. She rarely lets her teammates down, and her warrior skills, god-like powers and super-powered accessories have saved their butts time and again. Although a Wonder Woman live-action movie is coming in June of 2017, a LEGO movie starring Wonder Woman could put her amazing skills and powers on display, not just against powerful enemies, but also in everyday LEGO life, like when she's hailing a cab or wrestling a trash can to the curb.

LEGO designers could have a lot of fun designing her Amazonian home world, too! Of course, even though Wonder Woman can fly, we would love to see a LEGO version of her invisible jet made out of clear bricks. The movie could also make use of the '70s move when she spun around in order to transform from Diana Prince to Wonder Woman. (We're picturing a couple of those spins ending in the wrong costume, LEGO style.)


Lego Wolverine

Wolverine is already one of the most popular characters in the MCU, mostly because of his long history and because Hugh Jackman is such a likeable actor. Mostly, though, it's because his character has the draw of any angsty, good-looking male. If Wolverine starred in a LEGO movie, the writers certainly couldn't delve into his dark past the way "The Wolverine" did, or portray him to be as violent as he is in "Logan." However, the LEGO movie writers would have a field day parodying Wolverine's endless brooding and dark personality, much like they did with Batman.

In "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes," Wolverine is a powerful character. In a LEGO movie, he could easily take down enemy mutants or other villains with his snap-on claws. Those claws could provide some comedy, since LEGO Wolverine just grips them like he would a coffee cup. He could snatch up something other than the claws by mistake, or drop them at a crucial moment. Although Steve Blum, who voices Wolverine in the video games, is terribly talented, having Jackman voice LEGO Wolverine would be the cherry on top of a yummy LEGO movie sundae.


Lego Deadpool

The huge success of "Deadpool," which grossed almost $800 million worldwide, means the Merc with the Mouth is definitely popular enough to carry his own LEGO movie. Just like in Marvel comic books, LEGO Deadpool is an outsider in "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes." His dialog isn't R-rated, but it's just naughty enough to truly reflect his personality. In the movie, just like in the game, LEGO Deadpool could provide a running commentary on daily life and epic fights.

In "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes," Deadpool already has a few comedy bits up his snap-on sleeve. Instead of grabbing the two swords on his back, sometimes he whips out a banana or a bone. In addition to that funny bit, the movie could have fun with the fact that he can be chopped to bits, then grow back his missing parts. (LEGO baby hand!) LEGO characters frequently fall apart in cartoons, but Deadpool could take it even further, by mashing up regluar-sized LEGO parts with minifig parts. Of course, a LEGO Deadpool movie wouldn't be complete without a worthy foe, and there are plenty to choose from, but seeing him team up with Galactus or Thanos would be a hoot.


Lego Black Widow

If Marvel won't give us a Black Widow stand-alone movie, maybe LEGO will! Black Widow is one of the best characters to use in "LEGO Marvel Avengers." She shoots multiple enemies from a distance, or takes them down with hits and kicks when they're in close range. Her new and improved suit is all lit up, and her batons are charged to help her light up her foes. She's one of the quickest and most accurate LEGO characters to use on obstacle courses, and she can do tricks on her motorcycle, just like in "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

One of the most useful abilities LEGO Black Widow has, though, is being invisible. With the push of a button on her watch, she turns invisible so she can sneak into well-guarded areas. That trick would be useful in a LEGO movie, which could focus on her spy skills and her amazing fighting acumen. Although a LEGO Black Widow movie should not mine the depths of her dark past, she could still travel to Russia or other parts of the world, which would give audiences entirely new LEGO locations to explore.


Lego Stan Lee

Stan Lee, and his crazy exclamations, would the best choice for a LEGO superhero movie. If you haven't played any of the LEGO Marvel video games, you probably don't know that LEGO Stan Lee isn't just a mortal man. Instead, he possesses pretty much every power a Marvel character can have. He can shoot webs and swing through Manhattan. He can hulk out into a big figure of Stan Lee. He has Spider sense, telekinesis, mind control, eye beams, magnetic power and stretchiness. He can also hack the computers in the game, Tony Stark style. As if that wasn't enough, he also has an adamantium skeleton that makes him more indestructible than most of the characters.

But what would his story be? With powers like that, is there any enemy who could oppose him? Perhaps he loses his powers and goes on a quest to get them back. Perhaps he fights crime, like Spidey, and comes up against a classic foe, like the Green Goblin. Or maybe, the LEGO creative team has Stan Lee spend two hours taking Marvel and Disney to court, where he finally wins those lawsuits. In the world of LEGO, anything is possible!

Which LEGO superhero do you think deserves a movie? Tell us in the comments!

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