The LEGO Movie Is Streaming All Day, For Free, On YouTube

Everything is awesome! Warner Bros. is giving fans of The LEGO Movie the opportunity to watch the film in its entirety on YouTube for free all day on Friday, Nov. 23!

The film is free on YouTube as part of a promotion for the upcoming sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, which seems to expand on all of the creativity and Master Builder magic as the first film.

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The video starts with Chris Pratt, who plays Emmet in both films, introducing the trailer for the sequel. The new trailer gives fans a new look at what Wyldstyle, (Elizabeth Banks), Unikitty (Alison Brie), Benny (Charlie Day) and Batman (Will Arnett) are up to. The sequel's story picks up five years after their first adventure, with Emmet and the crew protecting their world from a new villainous threat: outer space LEGO Duplo invaders.

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In addition to his role as Emmet, Pratt will also play Rex Dangervest in the film. The character, "a galaxy defending archaeologist, cowboy and raptor trainer," is a hilarious pastiche of Pratt's Guardian of the Galaxy and Jurassic World roles.

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Directed by Mike Mitchell, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part reunites Chris Pratt as Emmet, Elizabeth Banks as Lucy (aka Wyldstyle), Will Arnett as LEGO Batman, Nick Offerman as Metal Beard and Alison Brie as Unikitty. They're joined by Tiffany Haddish Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi, Stephanie Beatriz as Sweet Mayhem and Arturo Castro as Ice Cream Cone. The film opens Feb. 8, 2019

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