'LEGO Dimensions' Supergirl minifigure surfaces online

Supergirl is flying into LEGO Dimensions.

According to BrickSet, the instructions for a Supergirl minifigure appeared Thursday on LEGO.com before they were quickly removed. They reveal a gold base, instead of the typical blue for Dimensions figures, leading to speculation that Supergirl might be an exclusive promo.

It's also possible that the character will be part of the Year 2 plans for the toy-to-life game -- alongside rumored Harry Potter, E.T. and A-Team figures and playsets -- and the gold base merely signifies that.

As Eurogamer notes, Supergirl was glimpsed earlier this month, alongside Green Lantern, in new game footage, but that too was quickly removed. There, however, the Maid of Might wore her Red Lantern costume and displayed the associated powers.

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