TT Games Teases LEGO DC Villains Game

Developer TT Games has teased incoming information about their latest LEGO and DC Comics mashup game, LEGO DC Villains. The developer’s tease began when they posted an image to Twitter bearing a simple message: “Chaos is coming.” The tweet includes a link to a website with a countdown timer. At the time of reporting, the timer is set to expire in just over six days.

The existence of LEGO DC Villains was first rumored back in January, when a source close to the game’s development revealed its premise, but little more. Now, it seems those rumors have largely been validated, as the art appended to the developer’s Twitter post makes heavy allusions to several villains in the DC Universe, including the Joker and the Riddler. The countdown site goes even deeper into the Joker aesthetic.

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TT Games is best known as the longtime developer of LEGO mashup games, which feature LEGOfied versions of popular entertainment properties like Marvel, Harry Potter and Star Wars. TT Games’ next LEGO-themed video game is LEGO The Incredibles, starring Pixar’s superhero family by the same name, which is slated to release in June.

The countdown timer is currently set to expire on May 30 at 9 am ET, at which point TT Games will presumably share more details about LEGO DC Villains.

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