The Flash Stars in Latest LEGO DC Super Heroes Animated Feature

A LEGOfied version of the Reverse Flash is up to no good in the next installment of Warner Bros.’ animated direct-to-home superhero movie series. DC Comics’ The Flash will find himself unplugged from the Speed Force in LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash. The first trailer for the movie just dropped yesterday.

The trailer sees The Flash fail to answer a distress call from the Justice League because his super speed powers have been stolen by the time-traveling Reverse Flash. Reverse Flash starts cementing his rule by causing mischief among the Justice League’s ranks, forcing Batman to fire Flash. Eventually Reverse Flash’s deeds are discovered. He responds by imprisoning the Justice League inside their own Hall of Justice.


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Warner Bros. has already released several direct-to-home movies that mashup DC Comics heroes with the LEGO aesthetic. The series kicked off with TT Animation’s Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite (not to be confused with The LEGO Batman Movie) in 2013, which led to several more films in a similar vein in subsequent years.

LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash Blu-ray and DVD combo pack releases on March 13, 2018. The movie will be available digitally on Feb. 13, 2018.

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