Lego Civil War Parody Video Pits LEGO Cap vs. LEGO Iron Man

What if you mashed up "Captain America: Civil War" with the Marvel Comics event that inspired it, and did it all with LEGO? YouTuber Keshe8 answers the question that no one else asked, but should have, with "LEGO Civil War," a hilarious, unauthorized sendup of the superhero genre.

"LEGO Civil War" starts with Tony Stark asking Steve Rogers to sign the Superhero Registration Act, echoing the 2006-2007 Marvel "Civil War" event. Rogers predictably refuses, and  Captain America, with the help of sidekick Bucky, beats the snot out of Iron Man in a parody of the film’s climactic fight scene.

The video clocks in at under four minutes a condensed (and self-consciously silly) departure from the 80-plus issue comic book event and the 147-minute movie. It is pure mayhem, and is played entirely for laughs.

Keshe8 mocks Stark’s moral ambiguity and pokes fun at Rogers' old fashioned optimism, but always stays true to the characters. We laugh because we are so familiar these characters' foibles, and as ferocious and as funny as it gets, the parody never descends into contempt.

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The fight choreography is astounding -- the battle takes up nearly three quarters of the short film, and is replete with sight gags and ridiculous character moments, including an appearance of Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor. Despite being a parody, "LEGO Civil War" pays tribute to the feel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It isn't just fighting for the sake of fighting, it is our heroes fighting for what they believe in; even if it is all entirely tongue in cheek. (For additional laughs, check out Keshe8's original LEGO Hulkbuster video.)

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