'LEGO Batman vs. Superman 2' kicks the Dark Knight when he's down

When an annoying, if confused, Dark Knight challenged a baffled, yet patient, Man of Steel last fall in the stop-motion animated short "LEGO Batman vs. Superman," the confrontation didn't end well for the Caped Crusader. Not well at all.

Now, nine long months later, Tommy Williamson and BrickNerd Studios have returned with the sequel "LEGO Batman vs. Superman 2: Dawn of Justice Desserts," which finds the World's Greatest Detective just as we left him: stuck beneath the overturned Batmobile.

Luckily, he has a colorful cast of friends and colleagues -- Carrie Kelley/Robin, Wonder Woman, The Flash, a surfer-dude Aquaman, and even Stan Lee -- to drop by for a chorus of "I told you so." But at least faithful Green Arrow was in Batman's corner, even if he's now poorer for having been.

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