'LEGO Batman' to Answer the Question, 'Can Batman Be Happy?'

With its 2017 release date still a ways away, details surrounding the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie are few and far between. We know the Warner Bros. film will somehow include nods to "every era of Batman," and now MTV has uncovered another key detail about the LEGO Movie spinoff.

Screenwriters Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the brains behind last year's The LEGO Movie, gave MTV what might amount to a one-line summary of the animated Batman adventure. "No spoilers," Lord said. "But I will say I think the movie is really exciting because it's about 'Can Batman be happy?'"

That's certainly an interesting question, especially considering just how grim Will Arnett's Batman was in The LEGO Movie. After all, he did sing a song with the refrain "Darkness/No parents." The pair also revealed that animation has already begun on the spinoff. "The action in it is incredible," Lord teased.

"It's impressive." Batman voice actor Will Arnett said. "The first bit that I’ve seen was mind-boggling."

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