<I>LEGO Batman: The Movie</i> Trailer Deconstructs Brick-Busting Action

LEGO has made a huge splash in the world of video games by producing a series of fun, family-friendly games featuring everyone from Harry Potter to Jack Sparrow. The Star Wars arm of the LEGO video-game empire spawned a pair of CGI specials on Cartoon Network, but Warner Bros. and DC Universe Animation have equally big plans for their characters.

A DCUA panel at New York Comic Con that mainly focused on Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 actually kicked off with the world premiere of the trailer for LEGO Batman: The Movie -- DC Super Heroes Unite that's now found its way online.

As you can see, the direct-to-DVD release revolves around Lex Luthor and The Joker wielding the Deconstructor, a ray that literally takes LEGO objects and people apart brick by brick. To stop him, Batman and Robin must not only team with Superman, but also the Justice League, which includes Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. It sounds like past voice actors Clancy Brown and Mark Hamill have returned as Luthor and Joker respectively. It also appears as if Kevin Conroy is reprising his role as Batman, but it's difficult to tell, as he only says six words in the trailer. LEGO Batman: The Movie will be released early next year.

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