LEGO Batman Movie's New Minifigs Include Super Friends, Superman II


LEGO collectors and Batman fans, get ready to go on the hunt again: LEGO Batman Movie will soon release a second wave of minifigs.

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The official Facebook LEGO page has unveiled the first look at the second wave. The mystery-style packs of the first wave featured such classic characters as the Lobster-Lovin' Batman, Dick Grayson, Harley Quinn, The Joker and Red Hood, and a few more obscure additions like The Eraser, The Mime and Orca.

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For its second wave, it looks like LEGO decided to have even more fun, while giving old-school comic book fans a few special gems. This time around, we have Batman, Dick, Alfred, Joker and Batgirl (not to mention a very fabulous Mermaid Batman), all ready for a day at the beach. The set then ventures into Super Friends territory with the Wonder Twins in all their wondrous glory (note that Zan, who can turn into any form of water, steam or ice comes with a bucket of water), Apache Chief, Black Canary and Black Vulcan, the Super Friends' incarnation of Black Lightning.

But that's not all. To round out the wave, we also have Superman II-accurate figures of both Jor-El and General Zod, as well as various Batman rogues in the form of Clock King, Killer Moth, Doctor Phosphorous, Hugo Strange and Disco Harley Quinn. Finally, rounding out the selection is a Bat-merch covered Batgirl, in a special nod to Batman's Bat-merch cannon from the film.

The 20 new figures are set to hit stores in January, most likely with the same MSRP of $3.99 US as Series 1.

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