LEGO Batman Director Wants To Helm A Live-Action DC Film


You can tell by the trailers that "The LEGO Batman Movie" is offering up a slightly different style of DC movie, especially compared to the live-action DC Extended Universe. Whereas "Man of Steel," "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Suicide Squad" are all unified in their somewhat serious approach to superheroics, "The LEGO Batman Movie" is loaded with jokes that undercut Batman's serious bravado (and point out Robin's lack of pants).

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Some fans on Twitter have let "LEGO Batman" director Chris McKay know that they'd like to see him bring some of that particular energy to the live-action films. The director, who previously directed the TV series on "Robot Chicken" and "Moral Orel," responded by saying that while it's a long shot, he'd love to be a part of the live-action movie-verse.

@Mighty_Icon it's a long shot but I'd like to be a part of it somehow. Thank you, btw

— Chris McKay (@buddboetticher) January 30, 2017

When fans offered to start a petition to bring McKay in on one of the feature films, the director said that he already has a plan to go in and pitch himself to the powers that be.

Thanks! That's nice @Mighty_Icon but I'm going to go in and see those guys and pitch myself and go from there...but thank you!

— Chris McKay (@buddboetticher) January 30, 2017

The DC Extended Universe still has plenty of films that haven't been claimed by a director. "Shazam," "Cyborg" and "The Flash" are all still on the schedule with no director attached.

A spinoff of "The LEGO Movie," the animated "LEGO Batman Movie" focuses on Will Arnett's super grim Dark Knight as he takes on a ward (Michael Cera's Robin) and clashes with a number of his iconic foes (like Zach Galifianakis' Joker and Jenny Slate's Harley Quinn).

Directed by Chris McKay, and from a script by Seth Grahame-Smith, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, “The LEGO Batman Movie” stars Will Arnett as Batman, Michael Cera as Robin, Ralph Fiennes as Alfred, Mariah Carey as the Gotham City Mayor and Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face. Both films are set to hit theaters on February 10.

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