LEGO Celebrates Batman's 80th Anniversary with SDCC Exclusive Set

LEGO will be celebrating Batman's milestone 80th anniversary at Comic-Con International in San Diego with an exclusive Dark Knight set featuring Gotham City, home of the DC Comics superhero.

In celebration of the Caped Crusader's 80th birthday, LEGO has released an exclusive preview of its latest building set.

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Convention goers will be able to enter a submission of interest for the opportunity to purchase the LEGO exclusive. Ticket holders will be able to submit through the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Exclusives Portal during the last week of June.

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In the building set, notice how the rooftops of Gotham City are put together by selected bits and pieces. The exclusive includes a water tower, tall buildings and a brown ladder for the fire escape. Even the Bat signal in the background is made by a LEGO part.

On the special limited edition box cover, the Dark Knight snarls and has glowing white eyes. Included in the box is a Batman minifigure dressed in all black. Standing on top of the gargoyle's head, Gotham's very own protector comes with a grappling hook gun as a prop.

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"The Dark Knight of Gotham City" set comes with 427 pieces inside. If you're interested in buying this at Comic-Con International, the price tag for the collectible set is $45.

Comic-Con International in San Diego runs from Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21.

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