LEGO Announces "Guardians of the Galaxy" Sets

LEGO has already produced a number of building sets in its partnership with Marvel, and the company will expand its super hero line later this year with sets based on "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Guardians of the Galaxy." Reported by Pocket Lint from the London Toy Fair, the "Guardians" sets weren't shown, or even described -- likely to help keep possible movie plot details under wraps -- but LEGO did confirm that the sets were scheduled for an August release to time with the film and more details would be available in June.

The Guardians of the Galaxy were among the many characters included in the "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" video game, who show up after the initial single player story is beaten in a post-credits sequence akin to those found in Marvel's films. Players are also able to unlock the Guardians as playable characters. Eagle-eyed players were even able to spot a billboard featuring Star Lord, Drax, Gamora and Rocket Raccoon embedded in the game.

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