Legion Finally Makes That Key X-Men Link We've Been Waiting For

Legion TV Telepathy

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for this week's episode of "Legion," which aired tonight on FX.

Thanks to a television promo, we already knew to expect this week's episode of "Legion" to reveal one significant connection to X-Men comic book lore, but in the opening moments we also received confirmation of another.

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As fans have long theorized, the monstrous Devil With Yellow Eyes that has haunted David Haller (played by Dan Stevens) since childhood is indeed longtime X-Men foe Amahl Farouk, the powerful mutant better known as the Shadow King. This week's episode not only names him but begins to sketch out his history with David and, perhaps just as important to X-Men fans, with David's biological father.

Early in tonight's episode, "Chapter 7," Aubrey Plaza's Lenny Busker, one of the manifestations the Shadow King, pressures a frightened Amy Haller to recall the night the infant David was brought to live with her family. Just 4 years old at the time, her memories come in flashes -- "For a long time I thought it was a dream," she admits -- from a child's perspective on the staircase landing, which notably include a fleeting glimpse of wheelchair with a spokes design that's instantly recognizable to Marvel Comics readers and most anyone who's watched an X-Men movie.

Legion Episode 7

That falls short of actual confirmation that on "Legion," as in Marvel comic books, Charles Xavier is David Haller's father, but it's the closest we've come to date. And, given that the season ends next week with an episode that needs to resolve several immediate story threads, it's probably the closest the FX drama is likely to get for a while.

Xavier's wheelchair, with its signature "X" design, has been depicted in several films in Fox's franchise, dating back to 2000's "X-Men." Its inclusion on "Legion" provides the first link between the TV series and the movies.

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In X-Men comic book lore, David Haller is the son of Xavier and Gabrielle Haller, a catatonic Holocaust survivor he met and helped to psychically heal while working at an Israeli psychiatric facility. The two subsequently had an affair, which resulted in the birth of David, himself a powerful mutant. The identity of David's mother isn't hinted at in this week's episode, although she and his father are both depicted in chalkboard drawings.

The Season One finale of "Legion" airs Wednesday, March 29, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX. The series has already been renewed for a second season.

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