10 Best Legion of Superheroes Villains, Ranked

When exploring DC Comics superhero teams, there are a few that casual comic book fans will recognize right away. The Justice League, Teen Titans, and Suicide Squad are some of the recognizable teams, but there are some other amazing teams that fans know and love. One such team is The Legion of Super-Heroes.

The Legion is a team from the future—around the 30th or 31st century depending on what era of the comics you are reading. As always, the team has many villains in its history that they’ve faced. Here are the Legion’s ten most powerful villains, ranked.

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10 Computo

One of the first villains that has to be mentioned is none other than Computo, later known as Computo the Conqueror in his ultimate form. Computo was designed as an assistant by the hero Brainiac 5, but instead, the machine became denraged and started destroying the city of Metropolis.

It nearly managed to destroy the Legion, until Brainiac 5 used an old antimatter device in the ruins of the original Batcave to defeat it. In later years in the New 52, Computo was one of the names given to Brainiac, the Collector of Worlds, on the planet Yod-Colu.

9 Dynamo Boy

One of the villains who came closest to completely destroying the Legion has to be Dynamo Boy. Born on the planet of New Tortuga, he was given a device to simulate cosmic powers that allowed him to infiltrate the Legion by becoming one of its members.

Slowly, he manipulated the team and used loopholes to get them all to be expelled from the Legion one by one. Later, however, he was defeated by his own hubris, after the three evil Legion members he recruited, (Lightning Lord, Cosmic King and Saturn Queen) expelled him into the future.

8 Saturn Queen

One of the founders of what would later be known as the Legion of Super-Villains was Saturn Queen. A former inhabitant of the moon Titan, she grew tired of a crime-free life and went in search of adventure. She joined Lightning Lord and Cosmic King when they formed the organization known as The Legion of Super-Villains.

One of her most villainous moments came during the Five Years Later storyline, which saw the future Green Lantern Rond Vidar fall in battle after she used her power to weaken is own willpower, allowing Superboy-Prime to end his life.

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7 Lightning Lord

Another founding member of the Legion of Super-Villains was Mekt Ranzz, otherwise known as Lightning Lord. The older brother of Legion of Super-Heroes founding members Lightning Lad and Light Lass, he was born alone on a planet where twins are the norm and instantly became ostracized from his family.

Growing with a hatred for his brother and gaining the same lightning abilities, he helped for the Legion of Super-Villains to combat his siblings, and he often tried to get them on his side of things. He and his legion have been a constant thorn in the heroes sides.

6 Superboy-Prime

One of the most powerful villains the Legion faced was none other than Superboy-Prime. What makes him unique is that he has been a major evil villain for a majority of the DC Multiverse. The Superman of Prime Earth, Prime became disillusioned with heroics after spending years in a Paradise pocket dimension watching evil continually rise.

After many devastating battles throughout the years, he encountered the Legion after the villain known as the Time Trapper brought him into the future where his history had been rewritten, making him enraged. He created a large force of villains in the future.

5 Mordru

One of the more timeless and powerful foes the Legion faced was Mordru, one of the ancient, immortal, and undying Lords of Chaos. Originally formless, Mordru would later go on to rule half of the universe in his own empire in the 30th century, become a threat to the universe at large.

It wasn’t until he set his sights on Earth that he and the Legion came into conflict. The Legion managed to destroy his armada, and, despite the wellspring of magic he used to gather power, they managed to trap him in an airless vault underneath the Legion Clubhouse.

4 Universo

One of the more tragic and evil villains the Legion faced has to be Universo. Originally known as Vidar of the Green Lantern Corps in the 30th century, he was sent by the Guardians to stop Earth from continuing experiments that would expose secrets of the universe.

Seeing an opportunity, he tried to seize the secrets himself but was stopped by the Legion. He returned years later as Universo, gaining super-hypnotic powers that allowed him to get the Legion outlawed. However, his son, Rond Vidar, became a Green Lantern and helped stop his father, later costing him his life.

3 Cosmic King

Of all the founding members of the Legion of Super-Villains, Cosmic King has to be one of the more persistent and powerful. Originally a native of the planet Venus, an experiment gave him the limitless power to transmute inanimate objects, but his planet considered this power evil and banned him forever.

He later helped Lightning Lord and Saturn Queen form the Legion of Super-Villains and fought the Legion of Super-Heroes multiple times. However, in recent years he was last seen attacking the Legion Academy, where Variable Lad defeated him in battle, leaving his current status as unknown.

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2 Time-Trapper

While alternate versions of the character have been revealed to be future versions of Superboy-Prime and Cosmic Boy, the history of the Time Trapper is unknown, making his villainy all the more powerful. The Time Trapper is a being of great power who comes into conflict with the Legion.

His power and knowledge were so great that the Legion learned that the inspiration for their team, the 20th-century era of heroes including Superboy, was in fact created by him with the intent of luring the Legion there and nearly destroying them. This resulted in Superboy sacrificing his life to stop him.

1 Fatal Five

The Legion’s most powerful villains and their arch-nemesis had to be the original Fatal Five. A collection of some of the most powerful villains in the universe at the time, they joined forces to take down the United Planets Federation. The group consisted of The Persuader, Tharok, Mano, Validus, and their leader, the Emerald Empress.

The irony of their power is that they were originally formed by the Legion of Super-Heroes. The villains were brought together to help defeat the powerful Sun-Eater but would later reject their pardons in order to keep themselves together to conquer planets.

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