When Did the Legion of Super-Heroes First Come From Different Planets?

Will wrote to me about the big change that Jerry Siegel made in this story that was promptly ignored, which I covered in this Abandoned Love.

You see, in Action Comics #267 (by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney), Supergirl goes through literally the same plot as Superboy in Adventure Comics #247 (I mean, seriously, Jerry, you couldn't have mixed things up a bit?), but the big difference is that since this is set in the present while the Superboy story was set in the past, Siegel decided to have these Legionnaires come from twenty years in the future of the other Legionnaires and thus, they were the KIDS of the original team! The theory, then, would be that Superboy would have his Legion and Supergirl her Legion. That was quickly dropped as it was a bad idea (it's time travel, dude!) However, the GOOD idea wrapped up in this bad one is the idea that the Legion members get their powers from being from different worlds!

We even get to see our first alien-looking member of the team in Chameleon Boy!

Mostly great stuff by Siegel and Mooney on the stuff that they added (outside of the whole rehashing of the Binder plot).

Thanks for the inadvertent suggestion, Will!

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