Legion's 10 Most Powerful Personalities Ranked

With Legion appearing on screen for the first time two years ago, the character has finally gotten the spotlight that he deserves. Though the show is absolutely fantastic, there are some major differences between what we see on screen and the comic. In the show, David Haller has schizophrenia, which is actually just his powers making him hear voices. In the comics, Legion has multiple personalities fighting for control of his mind. His dissociative identity disorder is a curse as much as it is a gift. Every one of his personalities has its own unique power set, but for the most part, he is unable to control them. His personalities fight back and try to take over just as much as he does.

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Legion has had hundreds of personalities over the years, each with wildly different powers. While some of his personalities are relatively harmless, some threaten to completely take over the world. With the ability to constantly manifest new personalities, writers have an opportunity to give Legion whatever crazy powers they can think of. Here are the most powerful personalities we have seen in the comics so far.

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10 Cyndi

Cyndi is one of the first personalities that Legion manifested. She is a female persona that fought viciously to exist on her own, not wanting to be unified with all the other personalities. Though she was one of the first, she is still extremely powerful.

Cyndi gives Legion the ability to create and control fire. Legion uses this ability frequently, and it is one of his most useful powers. There doesn't appear to be a limit on how much she can do, and giant fireballs are definitely not something you want to mess with.

9 Zero G. Priestly

Zero G. Priestly is one of the more interesting personalities of Legion because his powers are rarely seen in comics. If it wasn't obvious from the name, Priestly can control gravity.

While this may not seem like an incredible power at first, the ability to simply fling your enemy off the face of the earth is definitely useful. He can also just turn the gravity up and have them be crushed by the pressure.

8 The Wolfman

Again with an extremely obvious name, The Wolfman is a personality that turns Legion into a werewolf. While the offensive power isn't particularly remarkable, part of The Wolfman's power set is a healing factor.

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With the ability to heal from any wound at an even faster rate than Wolverine, The Wolfman personality is a big reason why Legion is still alive today.

7 Johnny Gomorrah

Johnny Gomorrah has one of the more unique power sets in comics. With the ability to turn anything into salt, including living tissue, Johnny Gomorrah definitely takes out enemies in a strange way.

Though getting turned into a pile of salt doesn't exactly strike fear, it is just as deadly as any other method. We don't really learn anything about Johnny Gomorrah's personality, as he was manifested during a brief period where Legion was able to control his powers completely.

6 Chain

Chain's personality gains his strength through numbers. Able to turn any person into a clone of himself, Chain is able to gather an entire army for himself.

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Each one of his clones has a different weapon and is deadly in their own right, but when put together Chain could easily take over the world.

5 The Origamist

Appearing as a large sumo wrestler, The Origamist is named after the art of folding paper. Able to fold reality itself, The Origamist gives Legion one of his most powerful abilities, teleportation.

By folding space on itself, The Origamist can teleport Legion anywhere in the universe in a second. There is no limit to where he can go and he doesn't even need to have been there before. The Origamist makes Nightcrawler's BAMF teleportation look like a party trick.

4 Styx

None of Legion's personalities show off his dark side quite like Styx. Appearing as an undead monster, Styx is just as horrible as he looks. With abilities like telepathy and the ability to create illusions, Styx is frightening enough.

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What really makes him a nightmare is his soul stealing touch. Styx can suck a person's mind and soul out of their body with a touch and turn them into zombie slaves. Legion and the X-men barely stopped Styx from completely taking over and wreaking havoc.

3 Time Sink

Playing around with time in comics almost never goes well. It's such a powerful ability that is able to completely rewrite history and change the world completely. Time Sink, one of Legion's personalities, shows just how true this can be.

He can create portals through time, speed up or slow down time, and also look into the future. Time Sink used these abilities to create The Age of Apocalypse timeline, which didn't exactly turn out so well.

2 Moira Kinross

Sometimes Legion's personalities copy the form of people that he knows. Moira Kinross is a personality modeled after Moira MacTaggert, who took on Legion when he was a young boy and took care of him.

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This powerful personal connection is joined with extremely powerful abilities in the personality of Moira Kinross. Moira has the power to completely rewrite reality, and create whole alternate universes.

1 David Haller

While Legion has hundreds of powerful personalities with different abilities, the most powerful of them all is the original one. David Haller is Legion's actual name, and when he is in complete control of his powers he is basically unstoppable.

There are times in the comics where he is able to use all of his personalities at will, and when he does he is one of the strongest mutants of all time.

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