Legion of Super-Heroes Concept Art Names Two More Revamped Legionnaires

DC Comics’ relaunch of the Legion of Super-Heroes is fast approaching. The Brian Michael Bendis-headed series, Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium, looks to properly reintroduce the far-future team back into canon for the first time since the Rebirth era began.

Part of that reintroduction involves some heroes getting new duds. This week’s DC backmatter revealed two more heroes sporting new looks. Those heroes are Princess Projectra and Shrinking Violet.

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First introduced in Adventure Comics #346 in 1966, Princess Projectra has received a significant visual overhaul. Once known for her red and white costume, long white boots and cape, this new version of the Orandian hero doubles down on her alien origin. Projectra now has noticeably pink, textured skin. Her gilded costume and translucent shawl -- also pink -- now speak to her station as an alien princess more so than her previous garb.

Originally, Projectra boasted the power to project illusions so real that her enemies had difficulty discerning them from reality. It remains to be seen if her abilities have been changed in any way.

The other character to receive a redesign is Shrinking Violet. Introduced in Action Comics #276 in 1961, Shrinking Violet’s green, black and purple costume was originally inspired by the era of her creation, itself a high-cut minidress accentuated by a sizable belt sporting the Legion logo. Now, her costume is more akin to full-body armor in various shades of green.

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Shrinking Violet’s skin has also been noticeably darkened, and her hair -- blond now -- both grown out in the back and cut down to a mohawk in the front. Previously, the character, whose civilian name is Salu Digby, was drawn as raven-haired, which framed skin that ranged anywhere from tanned to pallid, depending on the source.

Shrinking Violet is an Imskian and possesses that natural abilities of her species; she can reduce her size at will down to the sub-atomic level. Like Princess Projectra, it remains to be seen if her powers have been altered for the reboot.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 goes on sale Sept. 18; Issue #2 arrives on Oct. 2.

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