Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium Introduces [SPOILER] Supergirl

The road to the DC Universe's 31st Century begins with the upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium, and Supergirl plays a significant role. How significant? It appears that she will assume the role of President at some point before then.

Preview art by Jim Lee from the pending two-issue series shows a mysterious character (appearing to be a now-immortal Thorn) contacting an older, presidential-looking version of Supergirl. Series writer Brian Michael Bendis shared some information about the character, who's been featured during Bendis' run on Action Comics.

"By the time the character literally walks up to the Legion at the end of Millennium," Bendis said, "She has with her an astounding amount of information and inspiration to give them, which is different from past Legion stories.”

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A member of the House of El becoming President would be inspiring, indeed. Lee's art shows a cityscape that appears to be centuries in the future, indicating that while Supergirl has aged, she's done so at a slower rate. And her garb shows she's clearly a leader of something - quite possibly the future United States.

The Legion has been absent from DC's Rebirth continuity, but is set to be formally reintroduced in Bendis and Ryan Sook's Legion of Super-Heroes in November. First, though, Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1, by Bendis, Lee, Andre Araujo, Andrea Sorrentino and Dustin Nguyen goes on sale September 4.

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