Bendis 'Legion of Super-Heroes' Future Is Not What You Expect

Earlier today, it was announced that the Legion of Super-Heroes will receive a new ongoing series from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ryan Sook.

Longtime Legion fans know that virtually every iteration of the team has shared one thing in common: The future they live in is, by and large, idyllic (Keith Giffen's "Five-Year Gap" era notwithstanding). Sure, there might be the occasional Dominator/Khund invasion to fend off, or a war between major magical villains, or even Darkseid threatening the universe. But generally speaking, the United Planets' Science Police force has things under control, and things are pretty good for most, be they human or alien.

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However, Bendis indicates his and Sook's version of the team will form under less than ideal circumstances.

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"Our Legion is going to be a little different than past Legions," Bendis explained in an interview with Comicbook. "I know that sometimes in the past, the Legion have gotten together because things are so peaceful, they can't stand it. Our Legion is coming together out of what they think is dire necessity. Things are starting to crumble, and they're crumbling fast, and it really feels like it's time for a new Age of Heroes for the first time in a millennium. That there's a genuine sense of threat to all things."

Bendis also revealed that the series will have a large number of perspectives in regards to the characters.

"It's funny because there are 34 lead characters," Bendis said. "There are a lot of perspectives that the story is going to be handled from. So, so many perspectives that almost no story will be left unturned. Not every character will see things the same way. It's like every great team: some will be on the same page, some will not. It's going to be a time of great chaos and struggle in the galaxy, and it's up to them to get to work and figure it out as they're going; they're young."

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The reintroduction of the Legion of Super-Heroes is set to begin in September with the two-issue miniseries Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium, which Bendis will write and feature various artists. The comic will set up and lead into his and Sook's new series.

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