Legion of Super-Heroes Flight Ring Giveaway Includes Super-Rare Platinum Rings

In August, writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed DC would be giving away Legion of Super-Heroes flight rings to coincide with the release of his and artist Ryan Sook's relaunch of the comic series.

However, he's now announced that on top of the regular, gold-colored giveaway rings, fans will also have a chance to get their hands on a super-rare, 1 in 500 platinum variant.

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"Heads up legionnaires!" Bendis wrote on Instagram, along with an image of the platinum ring. "As promised, new legion of superhero flight rings! The new gold ones will be distributed widely while these platinum edition, exclusive first look right here, will be very limited. Oooooh! Readers who are interested in getting a gold ring should ask their local awesome comic store to pre-order a copy of Issue #1 and a ring as well! The special edition Platinum ring – a 1 in 500 variant – are limited and we’ll announce ways retailers and fans can get a copy of one."

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The gold-colored Legion of Super-Heroes flight rings will be available at your local comic shops. DC will soon announce how readers can get their hands on the platinum variants.

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Legion of Super-Heroes #1, by Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook, goes on sale Nov. 6 from DC.

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