SPOILER: Legion of Super-Heroes Debut Preview Includes a Massive DCU Retcon

DC has released a preview of this month's Superman #14, which features the official debut of the Legion of Super-Heroes as the publisher establishes a new continuity for the teenage superhero team from the 31st century.

The first look shows the Legion of Super-Heroes traveling to the present-day to meet Superman and his son, Jon Kent. The group has a proposition for one member of the Superman Family, and in a shocking turn of events, it's not the Man of Steel. Instead, the preview reveals the retcon that the Legion has come to ask Jon Kent to join them as their newest member, with the young Superboy responsible for the formation of the United Planets in the 21st century.

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“This is a very big moment in the DC universe,” Brian Michael Bendis told The Hollywood Reporter about the preview of the Legion's debut. “Not only is the the first time that anyone in the DCU meets this new Legion of Super-Heroes, readers also get their first look at this exciting new blend of races, species and cultures that make up this galaxy-spanning team of superheroes from the 31st Century.”

Word of the latest actions by Superman, Superboy, Supergirl, Krypto and Zod has traveled across the galaxy. As they begin to ponder what their next move is going to be, Superman suggests his son has a great idea. Jon suggests that they mirror the Earth's United Nations with the United Planets. When no representatives from the assembled planets step up to be the first member, the Legion of Super-Heroes appears to announce that this day, August 18, is officially known as the galaxy-wide holiday of Unity Day.

The future heroes then offer Jon Kent, creator of the United Planets, membership into the Legion of Super-Heroes.

A new era for the Legion begins in Superman #14 arriving on August 28. The story continues in the two-part miniseries Legion of Super-Heroes: Millenniumin September and October, followed by the all-new Legion of Super-Heroes#1 on November 6.

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