Legion of Super-Heroes Welcomes Damian Wayne to the 31st Century

The Legion of Super-Heroes are about to get a new guest from the 21st century, and the majority of the team appears less than thrilled.

Ahead of the release of DC Comics January 2020 advance solicitation information, the publisher has released the cover for Legion of Super-Heroes #3. The cover shows the futuristic team, with the newly recruited Superboy Jon Kent, largely dismayed by the arrival of Damian Wayne to the 31st century, with Batman's son wielding his personalized Batarang and Legion Flight Ring. Only Jon appears happy at the sight of Damian, the Super Sons reunited once again. The cover, illustrated by Ryan Sook, is below.

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Brian Michael Bendis, who is helming the Legion relaunch, previously claimed that Damian would travel to the future with Jon during the upcoming series.

In the pages of Superman, a new incarnation of the Legion of Super-Heroes debuted, recruiting the teenage Superboy after he formed the United Planets, an organization promoting peaceful cooperation between the various worlds within the DC Universe.

Legion of Super-Heroes #3 is written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Ryan Sook. It is scheduled to go on sale this January from DC Comics.

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