Legion of Super-Heroes: Bendis Reveals Full Roster Artwork On Late Night

With the launch of Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium just around the corner, DC Comics' Brian Michael Bendis has revealed the first artwork featuring the futuristic superhero team's full new roster.

Bendis revealed the artwork featuring the Legion's new lineup while appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers. A photo of Myers himself -- a known comic book fan -- holding the piece while sitting down with Bendis was posted to Twitter by Late Night producer Mike Shoemaker. The image shows off the team's members in all their glory, with new recruit Superboy standing smack in the middle.

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"Because we love comics here at [Late Night with Seth Meyers], tonight we have one of the greats," Shoemaker wrote. "[Brian Michael Bendis] is back and he debuts some new Legion art. Also, Seth and I did a podcast with him and I got to nerd out."

The two-part Legion of Superheroes: Millennium series will see Bendis teaming with multiple artists to tell stories starring such characters as Supergirl, Batman Beyond, Kamandi, Tommy Tomorrow, Booster Gold and OMAC, in addition to the Legion themselves. The limited series will lead into a brand-new Legion of Super-Heroes ongoing title from Bendis and artist Ryan Sook.

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Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 lands in stores Wednesday, Sept. 18, Issue #2 arrives Oct. 2, and the ongoing Legion of Super-Heroes series kicks off in November.

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