DC's Legion of Super-Heroes Is No Longer From the 31st Century

DC Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis has confirmed a slight tweak to the Legion of Super-Heroes' background ahead of the iconic team's highly-anticipated return.

It was previously believed that the futuristic crime-fighters that make up the Legion of Super-Heroes would make their triumphant return to the DC fold in September's Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium. However, it was recently revealed that the beloved team would actually appear a bit earlier than that in August's Superman #14.

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Additionally, DC released the official solicitation information of September's Superman #15, which describes the Legion as "the greatest super heroes of the 32nd century." This is of note because, it has been well-established in DC lore that the Legion originates from the 31st century.

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Bendis was asked by a fan on Twitter if there was a typo in the Superman #15 solicit, to which the writer simply replied, "Nope!"

The fact that this Bendis and artist Ryan Sook's new take on the Legion of Super-Heroes will come from even further in the future than previous versions seems to double down on Bendis' previous statement that, "Our Legion is going to be a little different than past Legions." With that in mind, it will certainly be interesting to see what else this new version of the team will bring to the table, as well as what exactly the 32nd century has in store for readers.

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Bendis' Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 is scheduled to be released on Sept. 18, followed by issue #2 in October. The two-part mini-event series will feature work by multiple different artists and lead into Bendis and Sook's new Legion of Super-Heroes ongoing series.

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