Legion of Super-Heroes #12

Story by
Art by
Yildiray Cinar, Jonathan Glapion
Colors by
Letters by
John J. Hill
Cover by
DC Comics

"Legion of Super-Heroes" has rapidly become, over the course of its first year, one of the most dependable comics from DC. After a couple of issues where the creative team seemed to be getting their sea legs, month in and month out you know exactly what you're getting with a new "Legion of Super-Heroes" comic.

Take, for example, the current issue. Picking up where the "Legion of Super-Villains Special" and "Legion of Super-Heroes" #11 left off, Paul Levitz continues to build several storylines simultaneously. Saturn Queen continues to build her new Legion of Super-Villains with the help of Lightning Lord, although the latter is showing signs of rebellion. Star Boy, finally returned to the 31st century, is getting purged of the multiverse energies with which he was super-charged. Mon-El is still learning the ropes of being the first new Green Lantern in years. And on Colu, things go from bad to worse.

With so much going on (and the Legion trying to mop up the LSV's activities on multiple fronts), it's almost understandable that we get other subplots (like Professor Li) brushed to the side hurriedly, although Levitz still gives them small nods to remind us that they exist. It's this sort of storytelling that Levitz excelled at on his previous "Legion of Super-Heroes" run back in the day, juggling a large number of plots and characters by rotating through them and bringing different ones to the forefront each month. As a collected volume it's going to feel like one large seamless novel, but even in a month-to-month serialization it still works.

Yildiray Cinar and Jonathan Glapion are doing a solid job, as well. With each new issue, Cinar reminds me more and more of artists like Paul Pelletier, with thick masses of hair, and attractive (but not over-exaggerated) musculature for the heroes. It's a good looking comic, and Cinar's able to take new characters like Sun Killer (best described as a solar-powered sumo wrestler) and make them fit in alongside long-established regulars like Lightning Lord or Saturn Queen. And while Cinar's layouts are usually standard and to the point, I like that he's not afraid to occasionally have fun, like the circular central panel (with other panels around it in the corners) when Ultra Boy fights Atta.

"Legion of Super-Heroes" might not be super-flashy or kicking up crazy storytelling techniques, but it doesn't need to. Levitz, Cinar, and Glapion just deliver each month an enjoyable read. So long as they stick around, so will I.

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