Legion of Super-Heroes #1 Reveals the Final Fate of Earth

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Legion of Super-Heroes #1 by Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook, Wade Von Grawbadger, Jordie Bellaire, and Dave Sharpe, on sale now.

The Legion is back with an all-new look and continuity in Legion of Super-Heroes #1, but the team's current status quo is quite a shock. Superboy is introduced to his new teammates, and the future he now calls home -- which also means he has to face the final fate of planet Earth.

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In Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1, we learned that the Legion resides on what they call "New Earth." At some point in the future, our home planet had been destroyed and now a new world exists that the team works to protect. The relaunch makes a point to finally explain a bit more about what happened.

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While we still don't know the exact cause of Earth's destruction, we now know how it came to look like it does now. The Legion explains to Superboy that some terrible event occurred sometime in the past, which ultimately destroyed the planet. However, unnamed heroes went back in time and managed to save parts of the Earth.

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Now, everyone lives under a dispersed grouping of domes connected to a single core, an amazing feat of engineering by the United Planets. Each dome is a city that survived the original destruction, including Metropolis and Gotham City. At least part of Blüdhaven has also been saved and now serves as the sewer system of Gotham.

One other interesting note is that the Earth's oceans apparently went missing. Ultra Boy mentions a myth that the oceans disappeared before the planet was destroyed. This means they could still be out there somewhere, and it may end up being the Legion's mission to bring them back. The team recovers Aquaman's trident, which could be a necessary part of that.


One constant throughout the Legion's history is a headquarters large enough to hold them all. The first HQ was a rocket ship that was later expanded to fit all their members. After that was destroyed, the team moved into a much larger citadel. In each new version of the team, they have headquarters fitting of a team called Legion, and the latest reboot doesn't disappoint.

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When Superboy is brought back to the 31st Century, he materializes in Metropolis, where it is revealed that the team's headquarters isn't just in the City of Tomorrow -- it is the City of Tomorrow. As Saturn Girl explains it, "There are quite a few of us," so it would make sense that they would need an entire city to fit the whole team.

It's left unclear if civilians live in this city or if it's literally just a whole town of superheroes, but it's certainly a massive upgrade for comics' largest team. As the series explores this new version of the team, we are sure to learn more about their new headquarters and the different worlds that make up this so-called New Earth.

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