EXCLUSIVE: Scott Snyder Shares the Secrets of DC's New Legion of Doom

To that point, with the Legion having never really been in continuity, has it been a challenge for you to sort of reinvent this threat that a lot of people associate with the camp of Saturday morning cartoons and make them a big, legitimate thing?

The whole idea, with everything, is to be able to give you what looks like "comfort food" but reconnect it to the stuff that I really loved growing up. I wanted to create a line up here that reflected the animated stuff, that reflected Super Friends -- all of those kind of things that bring new people in the door with that kind of "core" love of our characters -- but then use it to just launch into place you'd never expect.

Even though the team looks core, that we're back in familiar places, when we get our story going -- even by page one -- you're going to see how ambitious and big we're going. We want to take you places that you've never been in the DCU. This is really the culmination of a lot of years of work for us, the way that Metal really put a lot of the treads of Batman to the floor, this is really going to take everything we've been doing and roll it forward.

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You're going to see a lot of the characters from Metal come back in this, Barbatos, the Dark Multiverse, you're going to see more about the World Forge. The Titans that you're experiencing in No Justice, these celestials, they play a huge part in the secrets of the Source Wall and this huge arc we're going to do later with Aquaman. We wanted it to be one giant soap opera.

These are the stories I've wanted to tell since I was a kid. Batman will always be my favorite character, no secret there, but Justice League was the golden ring. That was the book that I've had my eye on since I was a kid. This is my absolute like, opus for superhero storytelling. Everything I've done at DC builds to it. And I'm so grateful to have such great partners in Jorge Jimenez and Jim Cheung -- also in James Tynion and Joshua Williamson, writing books that intertwine with Justice League itself. With that, I think with these guys at my side and the latitude that DC's given us, I really think we can tell the most epic story over the next two years that culminates into something huge.

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