Justice League: The 'Key' to Legion of Doom's Headquarters, Revealed?


DC Comics writer Scott Snyder might have just teased a major reveal for his revival of the sinister Legion of Doom, slated to soon grace the pages of Justice League. Snyder posted a picture of Legion leader Lex Luthor holding a strange medallion before a questioning Gorilla Grodd during a recent Reddit AMA. Naturally, many are wondering just what purpose the medallion may serve. One theory: It’s the key to the Legion of Doom’s headquarters.

Snyder appended a cryptic description to the picture, which reads: “And something new... From @jorgejimenezart LOD in the palm of Lex's hand. #embraceyourinnervillain.” It’s not exactly a forthcoming description, but there may be some clues scattered throughout the rest of Snyder’s AMA. One of the best hints is actually a description of the Hall of Justice, the antithesis of everything Legion of Doom.

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“The Hall of Justice was core to my take on the [Justice League] from the start,” Synder wrote. “I've loved a lot of what's happened on the series over the years but one of the big things that's been missing for me is the sense of interconnectivity with the rest of the [DC Universe]. If the Source Wall just broke, if the DCU is getting bigger and crazier than ever before, than it only made sense to have the [Justice League] be more connected to the [DC Universe], so the [Hall of Justice] was key to that. A grounded place on earth with open public areas. And portals for all the teams. A place you'll see a lot of characters from the [DC Universe] come and go. Basically, I wanted YOU to feel included and welcomed.”

If the Hall of Justice, the headquarters of Earth’s defenders, the Justice League, is so integral to Snyder’s love of the League itself, it would stand to reason that the Legion of Doom’s headquarters would also be of critical import to the supervillain group’s identity. Therefore, it’s possible that the medallion held by Lex Luthor might actually be similar to a key piece of tech carried by all members of the Justice League, the communicator.

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The communicator played a key role in the Challenge of the Super Friends animated series in which the Legion of Doom debuted. Commonplace by today’s standards, the communicator allowed the show's heroes to communicate across vast distances on small, handheld screens and would have been a technological marvel when the series debuted in 1978. Technology has come a long way since then, though, so it is completely possible that the Legion of Doom’s version, under the again-antagonistic influence of Lex Luthor, serves many -- likely very evil -- purposes.

One of those purposes might be opening the equivalent of the Hall of Justice "portals" referenced by Snyder. After all, a supervillain's headquarters is only as good as its security.

Justice League #1 hits shelves June 6.

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