The 10 Most Powerful Characters On Legion, Ranked

Legion is finally reaching its conclusion and over the years we've seen a number of very powerful mutants and creatures adapted to the small screen. The characters within the show are taken from the deepest dives of the comics and some are completely original for the TV show. The mutants that are included have a wide range of abilities and each has a measure of power in their own way; with some obviously harboring a better control over their powers than others.

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As the show has evolved, so too has the powers of the characters it features. While some have continued to grow stronger as seasons have progressed, others have changed completely becoming something entirely new. The majority of this list is made up of ongoing characters from the show, although some are from the latest season of the quirky FOX property. We're taking a look at the most powerful people in Legion and ranking them!

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Kerry Loudermilk is perhaps on the face of it, not the most powerful character within the show. Her powers are entirely based on the combination of her 'brother' Cary. The two share an emotional and physical link, with Kerry having lived within Cary for much of her childhood. But for Cary's brains, Kerry is the brawn. Her physical skills make her one of the most lethal members of the team and she's incredible in her role of bodyguard to Cary.

Kerry is an expert in martial arts and has nearly superhuman speed and agility; although these are not mutants, but powers as a result of the hard work and dedication of the warrior. Now that the duo has been separated, Kerry can now be healed from a fight by merging with Cary again and putting the damage onto her companion. This means that in some ways she actually has a healing factor which is useful for when she throws herself recklessly into danger. She's a one-woman army and very dangerous.


Cary has a slight edge in terms of power levels over Kerry. While it is Cary that will take any damage that Kerry has sustained, the near super genius levels that he operates on makes him one of the most useful members of the team. Over the years Cary has been a major part of many of the plot lines, due to his infinite understanding of technology and mutant abilities. It was Cary who first helped to understand what was happening inside of David and diagnose him with something dark.

It's also Cary who has managed to solve many problems under pressure, including the most recent issue of bringing someone along for the time travel trip. There are very few problems that Cary can't solve with some of his intellectual abilities. While physically he is not as strong as Kerry and not as capable in a fight, he can tactically plot the next course of action and create the necessary gadgets and gizmos to back up any mad scheme he has concocted.


Ptonomy during the first few seasons would have potentially been at the bottom of this list. He's slow, only mildly capable with a firearm and doesn't boast the impressive powers of some of the other mutants on this list. His abilities to navigate memories and bring other people into them is useful when searching for information. He can also send people to sleep which is a great power to have, if he can get close enough to use it.

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However, after his death and consequential uploading to a larger mainframe, Ptonomy has evolved into something more powerful and useful. No longer a mutant, Ptonomy is part of the computer systems that are running everything at Division 3. His artificial mind has been placed into a mechanical body and he has complete control over everything technological at the Division. This gives him vast amounts of digital information and allows him to do many things to ensure the safety of the team. The combination of the character before and after his transformation have garnered him this spot in the rankings.


Syd is a complicated characters on many levels. Her relationship with David is messy and complex. Her childhood was full of difficulties and mentally and emotionally she is both flawed and fierce. She's one of the most interesting and inspiring characters on the show and she's also one of the most powerful. Her abilities are very unique and have dire consequences when they are used; including for Syd herself.

When Syd touches someone, she swaps bodies with them. This means that she can momentarily live in their lives and they are forced to live inside of her body. This is a reversible process but she can do large amounts of damage through manipulating events with someone else's face and voice. This is especially useful if she needs to put someone out of commission as was the case with David this past season when she swapped bodies with him to stop him from using his powers.


The time demons are a group of characters which needed to be mentioned on this list due to their insane power levels. While they are not conventional characters like others on this list, the dangerous nature of these creatures certainly meant they should be ranked somewhere. The demons are more powerful than many other mutants and have both world and time destroying abilities.

Brought out by Jia-Yi when using her time traveling powers, the time demons are strange clockwork creatures that seem to find their destruction hilarious. They can literally suck in time and create all manner of chaos, by looping events or even removing time itself. The more they are present on Earth the more damage they can do. They can be defeated and they can be escaped but touching them could actually send you into the past!


Oliver is an incredibly powerful telepath with abilities so impressive that Amahl Farouk wanted to use him as a pawn in his larger scheme. the husband of Melanie and founder of Summerland, Oliver is a mental manipulator with a great understanding of his own mutant abilities. He's suave, charismatic and understands the human mind better than most. He's not quite as capable as later mind-bending mutants on this list but it's his involvement in the Astral Plane that makes him interesting.

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Oliver could actually access the Astral Plane at will. At some point he became trapped there due to entering it too many times. As he began to live there it became clear just how powerful he was in the realm. He had a great ability to manipulate matter in the Astral Plane and could create anything he could imagine. He would later bring Melanie to live alongside him and lived a whole life there with Syd as an adopted daughter.


Switch is one of the latest mutants to join the show and yet she's already proven to be within the top tier of powered people. At such a young age, there is a suggestion here that she has not fully reached her potential. David is impressed by her abilities and believes he can use her to his advantage, clearly supporting the claim that she can do so much more than she already is. Jia-Yi's powers are guided by a mysterious podcast which tells her all about time travel.

Switch can create doors into the time corridor which she can enter by herself. With Cary's help, she has learned how to bring other people along with her into the time corridor. By using this, she can go back, or perhaps even forward in time, exiting through a door into the past in order to change events. She has done this numerous times on the show, although the further back she goes the more dangerous the time demons are.


Professor X is not only one of the most iconic mutants in all of Marvel, but he's also one of the most powerful. We pick up with Charles in season 3 of the series as he is dealing with PTSD from the war. During his time in a hospital, he meets the mother of David, who he eventually moves in with. After living together for some time he goes off in search of Farouk, who he has identified as someone very similar to himself.

He quickly realizes the man is actually a monster and uses his powerful abilities to seemingly defeat him. However, all he has done is put a target on his own son. Charles is powerful enough to face Farouk, but not strong enough to truly end him. The Xavier in Legion is portrayed in his earlier days and is one of the most incredible Mutants on the planet, but has not fulfilled the levels of Farouk and his son, when he is portrayed on screen.


Farouk, also known as the Shadow King, is one of the most dangerous mutants in existence. The man, or monster, is a mental manipulator, with incredibly strong psychic and telepathic abilities. He thrives on playing with other mutants, getting them to do his bidding. He lived in David's head for years on end, creating illusions and other creatures in his mind to stop David from truly reaching his potential and banishing Farouk from his head.

Amahl is intelligent and very sly, with the powers of fear often influencing everything he does. He gains the advantage in a situation from utilizing fear and many of his tricks are based on horrific monstrosities. He's successfully manipulated the whole team into following his command despite years of torment, has managed to use Oliver Bird and has committed many murders during his time on the show. He's so dangerous that he even caught Switch during a time travel mission, pulling her out of the corridor.


Dan Stevens as David Haller

David, or Legion himself, is the most powerful character on the show. The titular mutant has been presented at an almost god-like level of power. He can seemingly do anything at any time and no one can really match him. He is certainly more powerful and more dangerous than anyone on this list, including Farouk who he has defeated before and the character, has actually got world-destroying abilities if used incorrectly.

David is uncontrollable and mentally unstable which perhaps makes him even more dangerous. He has created multiple personalities for himself after years of torment at the hands of Farouk. He trusts very few people truly and is heartbroken after Syd left him due to his own horrific behavior. Most of all though, he is disillusion about the sort of person he really is. With that level of power in those hands, it can only mean death and destruction.

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