Legion fans want their plastic promotional flight rings

After the release of seven plastic promotional rings for Blackest Night and the announcement of three more for Brightest Day, some fans are hoping DC Comics will show the Legion of Super-Heroes a little love.

It seems only logical that a Legion flight ring should come next. After all, the Green Lantern Corps, the Flash Family and the teenagers from the future form a sprawling trinity of functional superhero jewelry. Plus, Legion of Super-Heroes is being relaunched with legendary series writer Paul Levitz at the helm.

But just in case DC needs a little convincing, fans have organized a grass-roots postcard campaign reminiscent of the one launched in September to return Wonder Woman to its original numbering. (Of course, that one originated with the publisher, not with readers.)

Blogger Sven Straatveit points out that DC already has a flight-ring mold -- a ring was released with DC Direct action figures of Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl -- so the company won't have to shell out money for design or sculpting. Sound reasoning, that.

So how about it, DC?

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