Why DC's Legends of Tomorrow's New Recruit Tells The Team to 'F__ Off'

Sometimes, saving the world requires making hard choices. For example, in order to permanently take down the Reverse-Flash and stop the Legion of Doom from controlling all of reality, DC's Legends of Tomorrow used the Spear of Destiny to rewrite history -- something that they've been warned time and time again to never do. Though they won their battle, the war has been changed; the Legends' actions caused a time storm that has damaged the entire time stream. Dinosaurs are running rampant across Los Angeles, and futuristic buildings popped up in the skyline.

Someone's gonna have to fix this mess -- might as well be the heroes who screwed it up in the first place.

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Ahead of tonight's Season 3 premiere, DC's Legends of Tomorrow showrunner Phil Klemmer spoke with CBR about the team’s time-bending blunder, and what's going on with Rip Hunter’s Time Bureau. We also delve into what's happened to result in a tormented Mick Rory, and why the first response from the Legends' new recruit, Zari Tomaz, is to tell the team to "fuck off."

CBR: At the end of last season, Sara stated, “Guys, I think we broke time.” What exactly does that mean? how large is the mess the Legends made?

Phil Klemmer: There are a lot of words to describe the ways that time can be screwed up. This year, we’ve gone with "anachronism." The fun of anachronism is, it’s not just somebody who has gone back in time and made a change to the timeline. If all time was a jigsaw puzzle and you shook up the box, and the pieces landed in the wrong place… You can tell by our teaser that you have Julius Caesar showing up in Aruba, or P.T. Barnum finding a saber-tooth tiger in 1870s Wisconsin.

Breaking time is something our team is responsible for. Going into Season 3, they are not dealing with a Vandal Savage -- they are dealing with the consequences of their own mistake. Obviously, it was a mistake [made] to save the world, but that doesn’t get them off the hook with Rip and the Time Bureau.

Rip has gone back in time and formed a proper organization to deal with all of theses tears in the timeline. He’s telling our guys to retire. “Cool. Thanks Legends, but we don’t need you anymore.” In every finale, we have our guys triumph and save the world. The Legends are always at their best when they are underdogs. For us, it’s always a question of coming up with new ways of humiliating them for the next season.

So, how does one repair the timeline? There can’t be a handbook.

No, it’s pretty improvisational. Rip and his “Men in Black” have a way of being able to get in and get out. They can get the dinosaurs off the streets of 2017, Los Angeles, without any mess. Our Legends are the chainsaw. They do not do anything subtly. When they go into a time period, they tend to rub up against the people and the times. Rory is going to take some souvenirs. Sara is going to have sex. What’s the fun of traveling through time unless you get to enjoy it?

This season begins with the Legends disbanded and scattered across the globe. What brings the gang back together?

They all realise – although they wouldn’t admit it – they actually miss each other, and they miss doing what they do. We do have everybody trying to return to a normal life and it’s painfully boring or unfulfilling. After you’ve gone on these adventures, regular life is a little bit boring. They are looking for an excuse to get back in the game and get the gang back together. Although they wouldn’t admit it, they are also looking for a chance to be with one another.

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