Legends of Tomorrow Transforms One Character into a Hulk-Like Hero

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Lucha de Apuestas," the mid-season premiere of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

One Legends of Tomorrow character just got a mystical upgrade. In "Lucha de Apuestas," the mid-season premiere, Ramona "Mona" Wu became a Kaupe herself after Konane was shot and killed in front of her.

Mona spent most of the episode trying to save Konane, a werewolf-like Hawaiian demigod, from the Time Bureau after she helped him escape. In an attempt to rescue him, she sent him back in time, unaware of where he would end up. As it turns out, he landed in Mexico City in 1961, where he became a Lucha Libre wrestler called El Lobo. (While Lobo is indeed the name of a certain DC bounty hunter, this is likely just a happy coincidence; after all, "lobo" also means "wolf" in Spanish.)

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Though at first they didn't believe her, the Legends soon realized Mona was telling the truth when she said "Men in Black" came to steal Konane away for nefarious purposes. Realizing something had gone wrong at the Bureau, they helped Mona fend off her fellow Time Agents, even though that meant severing their ties with the organization. Sara Lance even sacrificed her relationship with Ava Sharpe in order to do the right thing and send Konane back to ancient Hawaii.

Unfortunately, all their efforts were for naught. As Mona said a tearful goodbye to Konane, the Bureau found them. Without warning, a Time Agent shot Konane in the back. He then ordered Mona to step away, dragging her back by the arm. "You murdered him," she howled -- and then her eyes turned yellow. She screamed as she went through a horrifying transformation that nearly doubled her size and gave her Kaupe-like features.

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In her new form, Mona snatched the Time Agent's gun and crushed it with her bare hands. Then, using her claws, she killed him. Heatwave stumbled upon her some time after, when she reverted back to her human form. "You were right," she said, crying as she crouched over Konane's body. "There's no such thing as happily ever after."

Mona's new powers may stem from a scratch she received from Konane. After all, in the mid-season finale, he clawed her when he was defending himself against these mysterious men in black. Unlike Konane, Mona doesn't stay in her Kaupe all of the time. Like the Hulk, she changes when she is enraged. As such, she could be a valuable asset to the Legends -- or a very big problem.

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