Legends of Tomorrow: The 10 Most Iconic Duos, Ranked


Legends of Tomorrow is the most bonkers, the most hilarious, and the most fun Arrowverse show with the best cast. While the latest seasons of Arrow, Supergirl and The Flash had way too many duds, Legends of Tomorrow somehow managed to churn out a near-flawless season. One of the reasons Legends of Tomorrow is such a fantastic show is the amazing cast of characters.

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Simply put, we love these characters! We love this team and all the silly adventures they get themselves into. And because all of these characters are fun to watch and work together so incredibly well, we've gotten to see some pretty amazing team-ups over the course of the show's four seasons. Today, we're ranking Legends of Tomorrow's ten best duos!

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Apparently, there’s an unwritten rule aboard the Waverider that states: whenever there’s a new member that needs to be taught the ropes and welcomed to the family, send the lovable Ray Palmer to do the job. Ray easily formed close relationships with Nate and Amaya when they joined the team in season two, and in season three he was the first one to bond with Zari.

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In “Phone Home”, Ray and Zari teamed up to save a young Ray Palmer from his dangerous new pet, baby Dominator, as well as the Time Bureau. Their great teamwork saved the timeline and little Ray’s life. Since their first assignment, Zari and Ray have become close friends and excellent teammates in times of crisis.



Charlie and Mick bonded in “Wet Hot American Bummer” when Mick captured Charlie after she had escaped her holding cell. The two got to drinking and talking and eventually, Charlie decided to help the Legends and join the Waverider crew.

A few episodes later, Mick and Charlie were brought together once again when Mick – or, to be exact, Rebecca Silver – got invited to a fan convention. Mick and Charlie hatched a plan to send Charlie to the con as Rebecca Silver so that they can get the money prize. The two cons managed to con everyone at the con, except Mona, who figured out Charlie was an imposter. But, watching these two work together was awesome and we hope to see more of it.


Dancing Queen

The unlikely season one prison break duo, Ray and Mick, stole the show when they got locked up in a Russian gulag together in “Fail-Safe”. Seeing as"Haircut" took a beating to stop the guards from continuing to torture Mick, the latter, who was still a criminal at heart, refused to abandon Ray out of respect. Since then, both Mick and Ray have grown as people and so has their weird friendship.

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Of course, Mick still takes every opportunity to mock Ray, but his jabs are just friendly banter. Whenever these two are on screen together, whether it’s just hanging out, doing laundry, having a funeral for a rat, or saving the timeline, we’re always entertained by their interactions.



When the Legends were first formed they were kind of split into groups. Snart and Sara made one hell of a kickass duo that is still one of the most iconic to ever appear on the show. Since both of them were torn between good and evil impulses, their dynamic was captivating from the start. They served as each other’s voice of reason in times of crisis, they confided in one another, and through it all, they truly did become better people.

With their great chemistry, witty banter, and battle couple vibe, Snart and Sara were season one's best double act. Watching Leonard heroically sacrifice himself to save the world broke our hearts, as did Sara's tears for her fallen friend.



Leave it to Ray to fall for the daughter of one of Arrowverse’s most nefarious villains. Ray is the kind of person who sees the good in everyone. He believes in people, believes they can change, believes they can do and be good regardless of their past. So, despite the fact that she was trying to kill the Legends for most of season three, Ray saw the good in Nora and did everything in his power to bring out that side of her.

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Once Mallus was defeated, Ray gave Nora the time stone to make sure she can escape the Time Bureau because he started to develop feelings for her. In season four, Nora helped Ray save Constantine and then turned herself in to pay for her crimes. She spent some time locked up in the Time Bureau exchanging love letters with Ray until magic brought them together. She finally got to return the favor to Ray by saving him from Hell.



Season four’s breakout couple, Nate Heywood and Zari Tomaz, shared some of the funniest and most emotional moments in the latest season of Legends of Tomorrow. The two teamed up in “Lucha de Apuestas” to spy on Nate’s dad and the Time Bureau and proved to be an excellent team. However, their friends soon noticed there’s more to their relationship and so, Ava and Sara set them up on an adventurous Indiana Jones-inspired first date in “Egg MacGuffin”.

The entire second half of the season had tons of great Zari and Nate moments, like fake dating, fighting Nazis, playing parents to a dragon egg, and of course all the adorable banter and awkwardness. But this isn't the first time Zari and Nate got paired up. These two proved to be an awesome team back in season three's "Here I Go Again" when Nate helped Zari who was stuck in a time loop.



Sara and Ava got off to a rocky start since Ava considered Sara and the Legends to be a danger to the timeline. However, she has since come around having seen all the good the Legends do in their own adorable way. Her relationship with Sara has grown as well. The two were obviously attracted to each other from day one and now they’re one of Arrowverse’s best couples ever.

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But, aside from being an adorable couple, Ava and Sara are also a badass duo when it comes to fighting demons and other magical creatures and saving the timeline. Ava brought Sara back from Mallus's clutches, and Sara went to purgatory to rescue Ava. Season four gave us too many awesome Avalance moments to list, but the "Wet Hot American Bummer" sure stands out. Watching these two badass women back to back on the field is always amazing.



Martin Stein and Jefferson “Jax” Jackson were kind of forced together when Ronnie Raymond died leaving Martin Stein without his other Firestorm half. The beginning of their relationship wasn’t smooth since Jax was reasonably upset that Stein drugged him in order to drag him aboard the Waverider. Eventually, they managed to move past that incident, became partners, friends, and ultimately developed a father/son type of relationship.

As Firestorm, these two kicked butt all over the timeline until Stein’s death at the hands of Earth-X Nazi invaders. In the future, Jax is married and has a daughter Martina, named after his partner, friend, and father figure, Martin Stein.



Before he became a Legend, a hero, and a romance novelist under the pen name Rebecca Silver, Mick Rory, aka Heat Wave, was the partner in crime of one Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold. The two were equally iconic as partners in crime and as a crime-fighting duo. The two met when Snart was only fourteen and Mick stood up for him when other kids tried to beat him up.

Heat Wave and Captain Cold were some of Central City’s most notorious criminals and Flash's most infamous rogues. However, once Rip recruited them for his ragtag team of misfits destined to become legends, they cleaned up their act and became heroes. Not an episode goes by when we don’t miss these two shooting their hot and cold guns back to back.



Without a doubt, the most iconic bromance in Legends of Tomorrow, and perhaps the entire Arrowverse, is the wonderful, geeky, and most of all genuine friendship that has formed between Nate Heywood and Ray Palmer. When they first met Ray saved Nate’s life, then helped him control his powers and made him a suit.

Since then, these two have been through a lot together and over time became best buddies. They’ve had each other’s back in battle, they’ve been there for each other through heartaches, and they’ve literally risked their lives for each other. Together Nate and Ray fought Al Capone and the shogun, saved Star Wars, and literally been through hell. Ray gave Neron his body in exchange for Nate’s life, and Nate died to bring Ray’s soul back.

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