Legends of Tomorrow: Hank Heywood's Not-So-Nefarious Plan Revealed

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Séance & Sensibility," the latest episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Tom Wilson's Hank Heywood was a man with a plan, but that plan wasn't nearly as nefarious as DC's Legends of Tomorrow thought. As it turns out, he really meant it when he said everything he'd done had been for Nate. He only wanted to realize his son's dream to build a theme park featuring magical creatures.

At Hank's wake, his wife Dorothy offered a sweet story about her late husband. "Hank never knew his own father. That's why he wanted to be there for Nathaniel growing up, but work often got in the way. So one year, we planned to use Hank's leave to stay for a week in Disney World," she recalled. "Nathaniel was over the moon, but the morning we were to fly to Orlando, we ended up having to take Nathaniel to the hospital instead."

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"When Hank saw the look of disappointment in his son's eyes, he went out and rented a Mickey Mouse costume, put it on and went to the hospital," she continued. "He convinced everyone there that Mickey Mouse had come to see them. Hank Heywood was not a perfect man, but when he was at his best, that is who he was: a man who could make you believe in magic."

Though the memory served to soften Hank's image, it also served a much larger purpose. As Nate stormed through the house, he bumped into a bookshelf and knocked off a guide to Disney World. This caused the bookshelf to swing open, revealing a secret room. There, Nate discovered a camera and a video of his father, who had filmed an infomercial of sorts in Nate's childhood bedroom.

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"Hey, world! I'm Hank Heywood, and I'm here to tell you about an exciting opportunity," Hank said in the video. "When I learned about the existence of magical creatures -- yes, magical creatures exist! -- I ran right home and pulled out a drawing made by my son Nathaniel when he was only nine years old. My son envisioned a theme park where everyone could gaze in wonder at unicorns and dragons, werewolves and Minotaurs."

"Now you may be thinking, 'This is insane!' But what great man hasn't been thought of as insane at one point in his life?" he mused. "I believe this park can bring our country together and, with your help, I'm going to turn my son's dream into a reality. I call it Heyworld."

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So, as it were, Hank was not secreting the magical creatures away to build a secret army or embezzling funds for nefarious purposes. As Nate quickly puts together, his father was trying to fulfill his childhood dream of a magical theme park all along.

"You weren't torturing magical creatures; you were training them to be in a theme park. That is nuts, but I've got to respect you for dreaming big," Nate said through his tears. "At the end of the day, you were just as wacky and well-intentioned as any Legend."

Of course, this wasn't the original plan for the Tom Wilson character. Earlier this month, showrunner Phil Klemmer revealed Hank was originally planned as an unrepentant antagonist that would cause Nate to become estranged from his teammates.

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"Before Nate’s father was Tom Wilson, our notion of the Big Bad was always a military guy who works for the Pentagon who is going to torture creatures and turn them into super soldiers," Klemmer explained. "But when we saw Tom Wilson in action and got to know him as a person, immediately our plans were dashed. We were like, ‘He can’t just be the bad guy. There’s something deeply lovable about this human being.’”

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