"Legends of Tomorrow's" Lotz Calls 2046's Star City "Disneyland For Criminals"

After spending time in the '70s and '80s, "Legends of Tomorrow's" ragtag Waverider crew will journey into the future to the year 2046 -- and they're going to learn that the future isn't so welcoming. TV Line caught up with the "Legends" cast to learn more about the team's trip to the futuristic (and a bit dystopian) Star City.

"It's not a very happy place," said Caity Lotz, whose Sara Lance debuted on "Arrow" and now stars on "Legends." "It's a Disneyland for criminals, so I don't think Rory [Heat Wave] and Snart [Captain Cold] mind it too much." But the show's two ex-Star City residents, Lotz's Lance and Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer, will not react well to seeing their city in such a state. "One of the reasons this happened is because I wasn't there to help," Lotz told TV Line, referring to herself in character. Routh added that Star City will have changed in a personal way for Ray Palmer as well, and the Palmer Tech building will sport a different logo.

The team will also run into a few archers: Connor Hawke, played by Joseph David-Jones, and an even more grizzled and older Oliver Queen ("Arrow" lead Stephen Amell). To show how rough the past 30 years have been, Amell's character will have a beard and a prosthetic arm.

"Oliver is jaded, hard, and a little bitter," Lotz said. "He failed the city. Everyone failed the city... I think we work really well off of each other. [Sara and Oliver] always have such good chemistry."

Overall, Arthur Darvill (who plays Rip Hunter) said to TV Line the episode is "one of the first episodes that felt like we were shooting a big movie. There are a couple of really good fights in it, and there are some big, big set pieces that up the scale of the show. It has a very different feel than the rest of the season."

The "Star City 2046" episode of "Legends of Tomorrow" airs this Thursday on the CW.

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