Which Arrowverse Hero Will Join DC's Legends of Tomorrow?

The CW's Legends of Tomorrow were recently dealt a devastating blow when Professor Stein made the ultimate sacrifice in the this year's Arrowverse crossover "Crisis on Earth-X." Fans wondered what this development would mean for Jefferson Jackson who, along with the Professor, comprised one half of Firestorm.

The following episode of Legends of Tomorrow gave us the answer when Jefferson decided to leave the team and the Waverider.

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This means that there are two vacant spots on the team's roster. Not one to leave an empty seat void for long, Arrowverse executive producer Marc Guggenheim has confirmed a new character will join the ranks of the Legends when the show returns from its winter break in February. As it turns out, the new addition is a character we've already seen in the Arrowverse though the identity remains a secret. "I just can’t talk about the game plan," the producer said. "The CW publicity will determine when we get to unleash that bit of news.”

Of course, that won't stop us from going into speculative mode. Here are the five most likely candidates to join the time-traveling adventures of the Legends of Tomorrow.

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The Ray

During "Crisis on Earth-X," viewers were introduced to new superhero, The Ray. Although he was one of the Freedom Fighters held prisoner on Earth-X, he was actually from Earth-One, and paid a brief visit to his home Earth before the crossover was done. The character instantly proved to be a solid addition to the ever-expanding Arrowverse, and is a hero that would be right at home aboard the Waverider. His power set of flight and energy blasts would sufficiently replace the similar powerhouse that Firestorm was on the Legends roster.

Unfortunately, he's pretty much out of the running. Actor Russell Tovey, who brought Ray Terrill to life, is currently occupied starring on ABC's Quantico. However, the Arrowverse producers are keeping a tight lid on the identity of the new Legend. Could it simply be that they're waiting for Quantico to finish its run before announcing the addition of Tovey to the cast?

John Constantine

Matt Ryan's take on John Constantine was so spot-on and popular that the actor managed to transcend universes. The street smart mage shifted from his own cancelled series on NBC to the Arrowverse in Arrow's fourth season. Then, the master of the dark arts helped bring Sara Lance's soul back from the underworld. Now, Ryan is set to visit the Arrowverse once again for a two-episode stint on Legends.


Could this simply be a trial run before a series regular status? As an actor, Ryan has his hands full, but it could be that he was only available for two episodes right now. As the actor's availability changes, perhaps he'll join the series full time. In a team of misfits, Constantine would be right at home, and Ryan is on record as wanting to continue to portray the character. Sounds like a match made in... Hell.

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