Legends of Tomorrow: 16 Things We Want To See In Season 3

Ray Palmer as The Atom in "Arrow"

"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" has managed to carve its own identity apart from the other shows in their universe. "Arrow," "The Flash" and "Supergirl" all focus on one hero and their surrounding teams, and their battle to save their respective cities. The Legends, however, have a different mission. With time itself at their disposal, they are free to roam past, present and future. While their goal is to protect the timeline, they usually manage to do so by creating a ton of other problems.

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While that alone is enough to be wholly entertaining, it also opens the door for many story possibilities. The DC Comics Universe has no shortage of timelines, planets and diverse characters to pick and choose from and "Legends of Tomorrow" is the perfect stage to showcase a plethora of them. So join us as we roam the timeline and DC library to highlight 16 things we would love to see in the third season of "Legends of Tomorrow."

SPOILER WARNING for the first two seasons of "Legends of Tomorrow."


JLA Quiz Booster Gold

With the "Legends of Tomorrow" show essentially working as a time travel show, it's long overdue to have DC Comics' first and foremost -- not to mention most popular -- time traveler show up in the universe of the show. The Legends have played around very fast and loose with time, to the point that season two ended with time itself being broken, happening all at once. Such a massive consequence of messing around with time would be bound to attract the attention of Booster Gold.

With his trusty robot sidekick Skeets in tow, Booster could arrive on the scene to help the Legends fix their mistakes. He might be from the future, but even he could realize the threat that this development could pose to the time stream and reality itself. Besides, always the fame-seeker, Booster could even see the possibility of becoming legendary himself if he were to help and maybe even join a group literally called the Legends of Tomorrow.


Jefferson Jackson became the second half of Firestorm after the death of Ronnie Raymond in the season one finale of "The Flash." With the help of Professor Stein, Jefferson became an even more powerful version of Firestorm, developing the power of transmutation. Ronnie might be dead, but we did come to learn in season two of "The Flash" that there was an evil version of him called Deathstorm, one who ultimately came to die as well.

But with the Legends operating across time and dimensions, it would be high time that we finally see a real face off between the two versions of Firestorm. It has been a while since the show focused on Stein inside Firestorm and we could even see thing from his perspective. With Deathstorm keeping Stein prisoner inside of him, this could all lead up to highlight how important the Professor is, not just in the formula, but as a partner as well.


Ray Palmer as The Atom in "Arrow"

The third season could greatly benefit from not picking up right where we left off in season two. A time jump (not thanks to the spaceship, but a literal one) could allow our characters to take a breather and set foundations a little, to grow before heading back aboard the Waverider. Of all those characters, Ray Palmer is the one who would need that the most. Like in the season one episode "Left Behind," we could see Ray becoming a teacher once again, just like his comic book counterpart.

This time off could allow Ray to center himself as an adult and stop hopping from one fantasy to the next. He could dedicate some of his time to redesigning his Atom suit into something far less bulky, and viewers could be introduced to a new DC comics character in the form of his personal assistant Ryan Choi, a character who is destined to become The Atom just like his teacher. That way, the Legends would not be without an Atom were something horrible happen to Ray.


Fire and Ice DC Comics

As Fire and Ice, Beatriz da Costa and Tora Olafsdotter have the power to create and control fire and ice, respectively. Ice got her powers from magic while Fire got hers from a scientific accident that granted her the power to turn into green flames. Science and magic. Ice and fire. Polar opposites and yet, both are the best of friends willing to sacrifice themselves for one another. Both were part of Justice League International team and they would make a great addition to the cast of "Legends."

Not the biggest of names in DC Comics, they would fit right in among a cast of characters trying to prove themselves as heroes. Not only could they become the new version of the Captain Cold and Heatwave team-up, there would also be an interesting dynamic at play between Mick Rory the pyromaniac and Fire, a woman who can virtually become and control the flames. Besides, their inclusion would add some diversity to the group and elevate the number of strong and powerful female characters aboard the Waverider.


rip hunter

At the end of season two, Rip Hunter left the team and the Waverider to head off to parts unknown. It has since been confirmed that Arthur Darvill and his character would still have a presence on the show, but we don't know in what capacity yet. Although, it's a good bet that he will still have an important role going forward. With that in mind, this would be a good opportunity to show Rip Hunter return to Vanishing Point and attempt to rebuild the Time Masters from the ground up.

Destroyed after being proven corrupt, Rick could look to build the Time Masters again, this time in an attempt to get it right. As their leader, he could opt to start smaller, with only a team of three to five Time Masters, a team that could come into conflict with the Legends themselves, seeing as they run around through time causing so many aberrations and changes. Rip and his Time Masters wouldn't be villains, but more like rivals, a group much better at this than the Legends are under the guidance of their leader.


Thanagar hawks comics

The Waverider is a time travel ship, sure, but it can also fly through space. With that under consideration, it might be time for the Legends to start exploring the farthest reaches of space a little more. Their itinerary could lead them to a very first stop on the planet Thanagar. In the comics, Hawkman and Hawkgirl's origins have shifted quite a few times, from the Ancient Egypt reincarnation cycle we have seen on the show before, to them being actual aliens from Thanagar.

Now, with the Legends visiting Thanagar, be it in the past, present or future, this would give the writers the opportunity to explore a bit of a retcon for the Hawks, and bring them back as inhabitants of Thanagar. We could then see the Legends come face to face with old friends who don't know them and see them trying to warp their heads around trying to understand the Hawks constantly changing their origins, much like fans of the comics. And perhaps then could we see a true friendship develop between Hawkman and the Atom, just like in the books.


With Nate Heywood and Amaya Jiwe still a part of the core cast in the show, we would have the chance to see them start a new version of the Justice Society of America in the present. Much like Ray Palmer and his time off (as mentioned earlier), we could see Citizen Steel and Vixen take a leave of absence from the Legends to start a new team of their own and carry on the legacy of Nate's grandfather and Amaya's old team.

Together, we could see them recruit characters that we have seen pop up in the Arrowverse before, characters who are generally associated with the JSA like Jesse Quick, Ted "Wildcat" Grant, Mister Miracle and Atom Smasher for starters. They could then add a final new character in the form of Sandman, for example. This would not only open up the world of the Legends even more, it would also continue a story that has been setup ever since the finale of the first season of the series with the arrival of Hourman.


One of the most famous Elseworlds series from DC Comics was "Kingdom Come," a story about a grim future where the heroes of the DC Universe have grown old and have come into retirement to give way for a new, younger generation of heroes, heroes who are just as inexperienced as dangerous. It is a dark and haunting tale that sees an escalation of conflict that leads to a war of between super-teams to prevent a nuclear cataclysm.

We have seen from the two seasons of "Legends of Tomorrow" that the writers aren't afraid to homage various comic book storylines and the "Kingdom Come" classic would be a perfect possible future to explore. The Legends could arrive in this very gritty world to see much older versions of the heroes we have come to know on "Arrow" and "The Flash," and Supergirl could occupy Superman's starring role in the comic series. There are many classic comic series that "Legends" could explore, and "Kingdom Come" could only be the start... or the end.


Brother Eye and OMACs

The first season of the show had a main villain in Vandal Savage, and the second season upped the ante with a team of super-villains in the Legion of Doom, led by Eobard Thawne. With the Legion now defeated, the doors are open for a new threat to emerge. After a solo villain that was followed by a team, how better to keep things interesting than by setting the Legends against a veritable army. Not an army of men however, but an army of robots.

Ever since Ray Palmer has been introduced in the third season of "Arrow," we saw him dig through Queen Consolidated files and found weapons and technology plans labeled OMAC. In the comic books, the OMACs are a legion of robots controlled by a sentient satellite named Brother Eye, something that was also established in "Arrow's" third season in the form of a group of hackers. Both project OMAC and Brother Eye could have evolved in the future into what they are truly supposed to be and become this next season's main threat.


The DC Multiverse

With the introduction of Rip Hunter and his new Time Masters, the Legends could get a reprieve from protecting time itself as its sole protectors and focus on bigger, wider threats. For example, instead of traveling from one era to the next, perhaps the Legends could start exploring the multiverse instead, charting a map of it along the way as some sort of inter-dimensional explorers. This could lead the team in a new direction without taking away their initial mission.

First and foremost, they would get to keep their sense of awe, wonder and fun without falling into repetitive territory. Plus, this would allow us to see even more of the various Earths teased throughout "The Flash" series. The writers of the show could expand on worlds and characters already established or take us to entirely new ones with incredibly fun new twists on Earth's history. The comic books are filled with different alternate realities and the writers would have an endless pool of possibilities to choose from.


Sara Lance as White Canary

Now that Sara Lance is the official Captain of the Legends and essentially the main character of the series, the spotlight is shining brightly on her. To that end, this would be the perfect time to explore more of her backstory. In the second season of "Arrow," we saw her back on Lian Yu and help Oliver Queen defeat Professor Ivo, but after that, she was left for dead. While viewers know that she was rescued and taken in by the League of Assassins, we have never seen her time training with them.

No time travel would be necessary here. Just good old-fashioned flashbacks that would show us the gruesome training Sara went through to become the deadliest woman in the Arrowverse. Furthermore, this would allow for Katrina Law's Nyssa Al Ghul to make a return. Viewers could then see Sara and her fall in love and this could perhaps feed into Sara's turmoil back in her own present. Maybe the reason she can't find anyone to love is because Nyssa still occupies a big place in her heart.


Now that we know that Superman exists on Supergirl's Earth, now that we've seen him fly in Metropolis and now that we have an actor who perfectly embodies all the classic elements of the character in Tyler Hoechlin, it's time to bring Clark Kent back for another guest spot. Whether he arrives in a time of need, catching a crashing Waverider before it can smash into a building, or the Legends just stumble upon him on a visit to another version of Earth, Superman needs to make an appearance on the show.

With his bright suit and hopeful attitude, Superman would fit right in with the rest of the colorful cast of heroes. He would introduce himself proudly, but they would only answer that they haven't heard much of him, only that they know and greatly admire his cousin Kara who helped them defeat an invasion of Dominators. And finally, an appearance by Superman wouldn't be complete without a nod to Brandon Routh's other famous role.


If the show were to embrace the exploration of the multiverse, this could lead us to a crossover with the final DC show that remains outside of the Arrowverse continuity. As a show on Fox, "Gotham" has nothing to do with "Arrow," "Flash," "Supergirl" and "Legends of Tomorrow." But all of that could change if the powers that be would allow the cast of "Legends" to pay a visit to the set of "Gotham" and discover a world and a city that has been sorely missing from the Arrowverse.

It might be a hard sell to studio executives and even harder to schedule, but how great would it be to have the Legends pop up in the middle of this very dark, villain-filled Gotham City? We could see them trade wits and insults with James Gordon and Harvey Bullock, to see Sara teach Selina Kyle a move or two and to see them all have a lasting impact on Bruce Wayne, what kind of hero he can be and what else exactly is out there. And with them, Bruce could learn that it's not just villains out there. There are other heroes too.


Legion of Super-Heroes

The Legion of Super-heroes, a team of young heroes that hail from the 31st century, have been twice teased in the Arrowverse shows, in "The Flash" and "Supergirl." Both times, we were shown a Legion flight ring, a ring worn by all members of the team that enables them to fly. The Legion are more closely associated with Superman and Supergirl and we really do hope that the "Supergirl" show will pay off the appearance of that ring further down the line.

But with the Legends of Tomorrow flying aboard their time travel ship, there could be a chance to see our characters travel to the 31st century and meet this super-team before they are ever introduced in Supergirl's world. In fact, this could very well lead to a crossover between the "Supergirl" and "Legends" shows, where the Legends essentially create a bridge between Kara and the Legion and bring her to them, or them to her. There were many great interactions between Kara and the Legends in the previous crossover and we would love to see them reunited in the far future of the 31st century.


Alex Ross New Gods

If the "Legends of Tomorrow" writers were to decide to fully embrace travels through the multiverse and the exploration of the farthest reaches of space in their next season, they could use this as an opportunity to plant teases, seeds and mentions of a race of beings who live outside of the known reality, who live on a planet called New Genesis, located in the Fourth Realm. With that, "Legends" could finally bring the New Gods to live action television.

The New Gods rarely get the attention they deserve, as most people are more acquainted with their evil counterparts on Apokolips, led by Darkseid. With Darkseid and Apokolips bound to make an appearance in the DCEU in this year's "Justice League" movie, we doubt that we will actually see the New Gods make an appearance as heroes, so it could be up to the CW shows to bring them to television. Not much would be needed in the third season except for some careful setups that would lead to a trip to New Genesis either as the season finale cliffhanger or the season four premiere.


The Flash Red Sky

We've known from the very first episode of "The Flash" that there is a very dark future far away ahead in 2024, one where the Flash disappears and red skies vanish. It's an article that was in Eobard Thawne's possession, one that he would spend time studying. It was something that got every fan excited about the possibilities of a possible Crisis in this universe and yet it is something that hasn't gotten much attention in the last few seasons of "The Flash."

But all of that could be rectified with the Legends traveling to the year 2024 and seeing this red sky future. We could see all of the heroes we have come to know in the various CW shows united in a battle against an impossible threat in a world where the skies have turned red. We could see just exactly what happened to the Flash and why he disappeared, and that in turn could feed back into the story of "The Flash's" next storyline. With access to the full timeline, the possibilities are endless for the Legends.

What else would you like to see in Legends of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!

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