This Season's Arrowverse Crossovers Kick Off in Legends' S3 Premiere

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Aruba-Con," the Season 3 premiere of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow made a pitstop in Central City in "Aruba-Con," the show's Season 3 premiere. As such, it shouldn't be a surprise that Central City's resident hero Kid Flash made a surprise appearance in the episode.

In the episode's opening sequence, the Legends ran into Rip Hunter, who had been off founding the Time Bureau for five years. That being the case, he felt as though he no longer needed the Legends and dropped them back off in 2017, where each team member settled into an average life: Sara in a retail job, Ray at a startup company for an app, Jax in school, Stein at home with his daughter Lily and Nate off heroing in Central City.

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When the episode picks up on Nate, he is in the middle of stopping a heist as Citizen Steel. However, he isn't alone in his endeavour. Even as he beats up a couple thugs, The Flash's Kid Flash zooms in and rounds them all up. Nate groans at the sight of him and Kid Flash apologizes, since he was supposed to leave a few to Citizen Steel. Nevertheless, he later tells Sara that he is the second most popular hero in Central City.

Airing Tuesdays at 9 pm ET/PT on The CW, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow stars Victor Garber as Martin Stein, Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter, Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave, Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary, Franz Drameh as Jefferson “Jax” Jackson/Firestorm, Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom, Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Amaya Jiwe/Vixen, and Nick Zano as Nate Heywood/Steel.

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