Legends of Tomorrow Recap: George Lucas is the Legend's Only Hope

The Legends returned tonight for a mid-season premiere that payed homage to prolific "Star Wars" director George Lucas. Not only did the episode feature signature "Star Wars" references like the trash compactor and someone being their "only hope," but it also introduced a very Indiana Jones-type mystery. The Spear of Destiny was also found during the episode and its true purpose was partially revealed. Rip Hunter also returned tonight, despite having no memory of ever being Captain of the Waverider or being a Time Master. Nate and Ray almost lost their powers completely -- which uniquely connected to Lucas' films -- and Vixen got to have more than one Princess Leia moment. The Legion of Doom also kidnapped Rip at the end of the episode, leaving his fate in the hands of Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk. Tonight's episode was an incredibly strong mid-season premiere, complete with everything that makes "Legends of Tomorrow" the thrilling, out-side-of-the-box superhero show that it has become.

Rip Hunter Returns

After spending the last few months looking for Captain Rip Hunter, tonight the Legends found him. He wasn't captaining a ship or saving time and space, he was directing it, in Hollywood during the 1960s. This career change came as quite a surprise to the Legends, as did his apparent memory loss. After rescuing him from jail and saving him from the Legion of Doom, the Legends returned Rip to the Waverider. Unfortunately nothing could jog his memory. Sara attempted to remind him of what a great Captain he used to be, but Rip had no idea of what she was saying. In an attempt to explain Rip's memory loss, Gideon explained that on the day Rip scattered the Legends, he removed a six meter piece of wood from the ship and turned Gideon off. Gideon then surmised that he turned her off so he could expose himself to the time drive. While that would have allowed him to time jump off the ship, it would have been too dangerous to his brain and is the likely cause of his amnesia.

Nate and Ray then realized that Rip's six meter staff was actually the Spear of Destiny. They also figured out that the medallion the Legion was after completed part of the Spear of Destiny. According to legend, when the staff pierced Jesus' side during his crucifixion, it became empowered to re-write reality. While the Legends were familiar with making small changes to time to fix the aberrations, they learned that the spear would make any change permanent. That would be an extremely dangerous device in the hands of the Legion, so the Legends set out to find it.

Help Me George Lucas, You're My Only Hope

Coincidentally, Rip gave the staff to his prop master, the one and only George Lucas. Once they found Lucas, the episode turned into "Star Wars: A New Hope." Vixen got to play the role of Princess Leia twice -- first when she told George that he was her only hope and second when she told Nate and Ray to find something to brace the trash compactor. Yes, you heard that right, the Legends and George Lucas were thrown into a trash compactor.

The writing of this episode was very meta because it allowed the Legends to be the voices of so many Hollywood writers, directors, actors, scientists and historians. Nate and Ray began to lose their powers and their knowledge of science and history because Lucas decided to become an insurance salesman and not a director. The impact of "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" was so great on Nate and Ray that they pursued their careers based solely on those movies. With the Legion of Doom crushing the team in a trash compactor, Nate, Ray, and Amaya had to convince Lucas to make movies. It made for an emotional and impactful moment for any movie lover to hear Lucas say, "I want to direct!" Nate and Ray's powers were restored instantly and the team was able to beat the Legion of Doom. Thank God for George Lucas!

The Legion of Doom

Throughout the first half of this season, the Legion of Doom and the Legends were engaged in a game of cat and mouse. The Legion was in pursuit of what is now known as the Spear of Destiny. The Legends were always trying to stop the Legion's discovery of the Spear. During tonight's episode, Sara recovered the Spear, leaving the Legion high and dry. Unfortunately the Legion was able to capture Rip and the Waverider wasn't able to save Rip from them in time. The final moments of the episode revealed that the Legion was intent on torturing Rip, despite his protestations that he had no memory. It seems like the only course of action the Legion can take now it to exchange Rip for the Spear, but would the Legends ever agree with such a plan? We know that Sara already exchanged the medallion for Professor Stein's life, but that was before she knew what the staff and the medallion could do. Is letting the Legion of Doom re-write history worth it if the Legends can save Rip's life?

The Ghost of Leonard Snart

Tonight's episode also dealt with the issue of Mick Rory's visions of the fallen Leonard Snart. After Stein heard Rory talking to someone, Rory confessed that he was seeing Snart and that he wanted Stein's help. Stein reluctantly agreed to scan Rory's brain, where he found a sub-space communication device. The device had been placed in Rory's head by the time masters, while he was Chronos. Stein posited that if Snart was scattered throughout space via the Oculus, that maybe his residual self was communicating with Rory. This turned out to be a false theory after Stein removed the device and realized it had not been active for quite some time. While this didn't solve Rory's problem, it did shed some light on the possible explanation for Snart's future return to the show. If he is lost somewhere in time, then he could easily come back -- the Legends or the Legion just need to find his location.

Next week's episode, titled "The Legion of Doom," will see the Legends continue their quest to assemble to rest of the Spear of Destiny. They will also keep looking for Rip Hunter. Two members of the Legion of Doom will also come to a startling revelation.

TAKING RISKS — The Legends are determined to find and rescue Rip (Arthur Darvill), but first must focus on locating the Spear of Destiny. Stein (Victor Garber) thinks he has the perfect person to help but knows involving her will be risky. Meanwhile, Malcom Merlyn (guest star John Barrowman) and Damien Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough) realize that Thawne (guest star Matt Letscher) is pitting them against each other. Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, Dominic Purcell, Nick Zano, Franz Drameh and Maisie Richardson-Sellers also star. Eric Laneuville directed the episode written by Phil Klemmer & Marc Guggenheim (#210). Original airdate 1/31/2017.

Airing Tuesdays at 9 pm ET/PT on The CW, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” stars Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter, Brandon Routh as the Atom, Victor Garber and Franz Drameh as Firestorm, Caity Lotz as White Canary, Maisie Richardson-Seller as Vixen, Dominic Purcell as Heatwave and Nick Zano as Citizen Steel.

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