Legends of Tomorrow Teases the Arrowverse's Next Heroic Wedding

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Daddy Darhkest," the midseason premiere of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

In "Daddy Darhkest," the midseason premiere of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Citizen Cold bid the team adieu. As he explained to Sara Lance and Mick Rory, he'll return home to Earth-X with a new purpose: to propose to his boyfriend, Ray "The Ray" Terrill.

Citizen Cold capped the episode off by saying goodbye to Rory, the Earth-1 doppelganger of his late partner. "Just wanted to say I'm grateful -- grateful I was allowed to tag along with you and the Legends. It was an experience and an education. I'm proud to know you, and... well, this is hard. This is me saying goodbye," he said. "Take care of yourself, Mick."

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Heatwave then stood and gave Cold a big hug, only for Sara to walk in just in time to catch the moment. "On that note, Captain Lance, I'm going home. I'm going to ask Ray to marry me," Cold explained to her. When Rory looked surprised and flustered, he clarified, "My Ray, not your Ray. It just feels like it's time to sign up for..."

"A different kind of adventure?" Sara suggested.

"A different kind of adventure. Exactly," Cold agreed.

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Though Cold is leaving Legends of Tomorrow, he is slated for at least one more appearance on The Flash before he's gone for good. After that, the character will return to Earth-X, which invaded Earth-1 during the events of last year's Arrowverse crossover "Crisis on Earth-X." It is unclear if and when Wentworth Miller will reprise the role or if fans will get to see Citizen Cold again in the future of Freedom Fighters: The Ray, an Arrowverse animated series on CW Seed. Until then, it's nice to imagine he'll get his happy ending with The Ray.

Airing Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow stars Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter, Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave, Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary, Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom, Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Amaya Jiwe/Vixen, and Nick Zano as Nate Heywood/Steel.

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