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They Be Time Trippin: 15 Hilariously Dank Legends Of Tomorrow Memes

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They Be Time Trippin: 15 Hilariously Dank Legends Of Tomorrow Memes

Legends of Tomorrow may well be the most entertaining Arrowverse show at the time. Despite of being accused of recycling the heroes and villains from other shows, Legends of Tomorrow actually makes these “recycled” characters better. Arrow was ruining Sara and had she stayed she’d probably suffer the same fate as her sister (and we’re not referring to Laurel’s death, but the butchering of the character). Ray Palmer seemed out of place on Arrow, but with the Legends he’s found his place. Same goes for Firestorm as well as Captain Cold and Heat Wave who became much more interesting once they joined the Legends.

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In just two years, this lovable team of outcasts got under our skin. So far, the third season’s been nothing but amazing and we’re always eagerly awaiting a new episode. The show is packed with cool action sequences, humor, easter eggs, cameos and everything a fan can wish for. To express their appreciation of the show, some fans create fanart or cosplay, while those less artistic rely on their sense of humor to create the most hilarious memes. So, in honor of this legendary team and anonymous Internet comedians, we have found the 15 most side-splitting Legends of Tomorrow memes.


Legends of Tomorrow Caity Lotz

Whoever said the Arrowverse shows are not a faithful adaptation of comic book material clearly has no idea what he’s talking about. Arrowverse writers took the rule number one — “no one stays dead in comics” — very seriously and some of their characters have already come back to life more times than we care to count. Sara Lance has to be a record holder.

First, we thought she died on the Queen’s Gambit. Some years later, Oliver thought she died on Lian Yu. Finally, she died for real at the hands of Malcolm Merlyn, but not for long because she was brought back to life. Even after her resurrection she’s had a couple of near-death experiences. If you ever wondered how many times she can come back, here’s your answer. But we thought puns were Captain Cold’s thing. Is it possible that he’s rubbing off on you Captain?


Legends of Tomorrow Doctor Who

If you’re thinking that Arthur Darvill seems to have lots of experience with time travel, you’re right. Prior to becoming Rip Hunter on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Darvill portrayed Rory Williams, a companion to the Eleventh Doctor on a little TV show called Doctor Who. In 2012, his character departed from the show together with his wife Amy Pond. And four years later, Darvill was back in a time machine, only this time it wasn’t the TARDIS but the Waverider.

To paraphrase a great, albeit lunatic mind, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the Doctor. The apprentice has become the master, and Darvill now has his own time traveling adventures to go to. While Rip may not be with the Legends anymore, he remains an avid time traveler.


Legends of Tomorrow Drax Darkest Secret

Barry’s best friend Cisco may have everyone’s well being at heart when he lectures Barry about the dangers of time travel, but he’s not so innocent himself. Lest we forget, it was Cisco and Felicity that accidentally set a Dominator free while attempting to rescue the Legends. Of course, their intentions were good, however, they inadvertently caused the alien invasion.

Someone obviously found this predicament particularly interesting and made a meme about it. After one of his lectures, the heroes call out Cisco for causing the alien invasion. Combining the Arrowverse and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, this comedian created a hilarious meme. In the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 scene, Drax makes fun of Star-Lord after Mantis reveals his secret and here Drax’s reaction is used to make fun of poor Cisco.


Legends of Tomorrow Back to the Future Doctor Who Doctor Strange The Flash

When it comes to messing with the timeline, there is a certain group of individuals who are absolute champions. Doctor Who uses his time-traveling space ship TARDIS to explore the universe. In the Back to the Future Trilogy, young Marty McFly gets into all sorts of trouble by going back and forth in time. Doctor Strange creates a time loop to negotiate a deal with Dormammu, while our boys Barry and Rip use their time traveling capabilities to break and fix the timeline over and over again.

Someone out there clearly though these five had a lot in common and decided to bring them together in their tireless efforts to break the timeline. Piece of advice, don’t get too attached to the time we live in, because once these five join forces our timeline is as good as gone.


Legends of Tomorrow Civil War

Captain Cold and Heat Wave’s dynamic on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is one of the most entertaining aspects of the show. Unfortunately, their banter is no more since Captain Cold died at the end of season one. However, whenever these two have a scene together it is bound to be filled with witty dialogue and hilarious puns.

A frequent point of contention between the infamous duo is their relationship to the rest of the team. While Mick started out as more of a solo player, Snart was slightly more eager to fit in. This hilarious meme perfectly sums up the discussion Captain Cold and Heat Wave had in a number of the episodes where they basically end up on opposite sides — Legends of Tomorrow: Civil War.


Legends of Tomorrow Rip Hunter

Legends of Tomorrow started with Rip Hunter, a time master who gathers a team of misfits to stop an immortal Vandal Savage from taking over the world. After his mission was accomplished Rip seemingly died a heroic death during the season two premiere while saving his teammates from a newly emerged threat. However, as it turned out he wasn’t really dead, rather he was trapped in another life.

But for some time, we really did believe Rip to be dead. Naturally, given that his name Rip is also an acronym for “rest in peace”, a fan of the show saw it fitting to provide us with a visual representation of Rip Hunter in the first and second season of the show. The result — this awesome meme.


Legends of Tomorrow Malcolm In The Middle

Back in the ’00s, we had a little show called Malcolm in the Middle. The sitcom followed the adventures of a gifted young teen and his dysfunctional family. The series was focused on Malcolm, the middle child of the family with two older brothers and two younger brothers.

Since John Barrowman’s character is named Malcolm Merlyn and he is standing between Damien Darhk and Eobard Thawne, someone made the connection and created a hilarious meme referencing to the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. But given the relationship between the three members of the Legion of Doom, the reference does not have to rely solely on the order in which they decided to stand. Between a sorcerer and a speedster, Malcolm was indeed between a rock and a hard place.


Legends of Tomorrow Distracted Boyfriend

In very short time, the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme has become one of the most popular and shared memes. The popularity of this particular meme is probably due to its extremely wide applicability. If this past year has proven anything is that you can type all kinds of things on these three cards and someone will undoubtedly relate to it.

Our beloved Legends have become somewhat of time-wreckers, despite their noble intentions. No matter how hard they try, this group of misfits always manages to ruin the timeline. In fact, this has become such a frequent occurrence that the Legends have become easily seduced by the prospect of ruining yet another timeline. However, the Time Bureau won’t let them get away with it that easily.


Legends of Tomorrow Sara Lance Atom

Leading a crazy team like the Legends must be an exhausting task. No wonder Rip decided to pack up and leave everything to Sara. And with the fate of the Universe on her shoulders, it’s not at all surprising that even the fearless Sara Lance has to pace nervously from time to time.

But pacing would not be such an issue if she didn’t also have to be extra careful not to accidentally step on her colleague, Ray Palmer. Dr. Palmer apparently went subatomic at the wrong moment and Sara’s doing her damnedest not to accidentally squash him like a bug. Or at least that’s what this hilarious meme seems to be suggesting. But she really is staring at the floor quite intently, so who knows, perhaps the meme’s got it right.


Legends Of Tomorrow Sara Lance

Seriously, how many times have the Legends broke time? Basically, every time they set out to fix one thing they end up completely messing up something else. Blame it on bad luck, poor team work, lack of a plan, or just bad circumstances, but it is indisputable that the Legends, more often than not, end up ruining the timeline.

While someone who’s new to the whole time-travel ordeal might go ballistic over breaking time, the ones who’re already used to accidentally messing everything up don’t have time to fret over such trivialities. Our fearless Captain doesn’t seem at all bothered by the fact that her team ruined the timeline again, because let’s face it she’s gotten so used to it that a normal timeline feels unnatural to her.


Legends of Tomorrow Team Motto

We tend to come down pretty hard on the Legends for breaking time every once in a while. Their previous Captain, Rip Hunter, is also known to criticize their unconventional techniques. But are we really within our rights to do so? OK, the Legends do make mistakes and break time quite often, but at least their intentions are noble. That should count for something, right?

And let’s not forget, sometimes their major screw-ups actually change things for the better. In the season three premiere, Legends are chastised by Rip Hunter and his Time Bureau for messing up time once again. However, at the end they still manage to save the day despite all odds. So perhaps we should all give the Legends more credit since screwing things up does not always equal making them worse.


Legends of Tomorrow The Flash Rules of Time Travel

The same rules of time travel do not seem to apply to both The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Case in question, the whole stigma around meeting your past or future self. While Rip has tirelessly sung warnings about the danger of time quakes ensued when one meets another version of himself, Barry Allen leisurely visits his future self.

Obviously, Rip’s rules regarding meeting yourself do not apply to The Flash‘s Barry Allen, since he hasn’t yet caused a time quake even though he’s met himself a number of times. Whether it’s an intentional difference or an overlook on part of the creators, the inconsistency of the rules of time travel can lead to some pretty confusing situations. But, hey it’s time travel so it’s not really supposed to make sense.


Legends of Tomorrow Prison Break

With Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell united once again, and as ex-cons, Prison Break references were a must. And as these things usually go, the fandom responded the only way it knows how — by creating memes, such as this one which uses an actual scene from season one of Legends of Tomorrow.

In the episode “Fail-Safe”, Leonard Snart leads the team in an elaborate prison break to free some of their imprisoned teammates. Captain Rip Hunter lays out the plan for Snart and Sara, to which Captain Cold has the best answer. This hilarious inside joke is a reference to Wentworth Miller’s run as Michael Scofield on Fox’s hit series Prison Break. Similarly, the fans have also noticed Miller’s tendency to fall for characters named Sara.


Legends of Tomorrow Captain Cold

Even though Legends of Tomorrow continues to be an awesome show, we’ll probably never get over the fact that Captain Cold is no longer part of the team. While every Legend is hilarious in their own special quirky way, Captain Cold had the absolute best one-liners. Apart from an abundance of “cold puns”, Snart had numerous hilarious remarks.

Perhaps the most memorable line from the show is Snart’s response to Vandal Savage during one of their fights. Savage is known for being a pretentious bastard who tends to look down on everyone around him. However, he made a mistake by underestimating Captain Cold. This expert thief does not fear anyone, not even the self-proclaimed notorious destroyer of empires. Without a single eff given, Snart gives the perfect response to Savage’s taunt.


Legends of Tomorrow The Flash Good Job

Just when we though the Legends finally managed to fix a problem without creating a new one freaking dinosaurs popped up. The season two finale of Legends of Tomorrow saw the Legends defeat the Legion of Doom in an epic battle. Sara destroyed the Spear of Destiny, the Black Flash killed Eobard Thawne and everything was right with the world once again. But was it though?

Apparently, time could take no more of the Legends’ constant meddling and it broke. They created a peculiar anachronism and dinosaurs invaded the present time. While their former leader Rip Hunter might have been absolutely infuriated, their good friend Barry Allen is bursting with pride. According to this hilarious meme, Barry just had to congratulate the Legends on a job well done.

Which one of these memes do you think is the most hilarious? As always, let us know in the comments!

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