Mallus: How the Legends of Tomorrow Villain Menaced the DC Comics Heroes

MALLUS Legends of Tomorrow

The most recent season of Legends of Tomorrow had the team of time-traveling heroes lean more into fantastical and supernatural threats than the traditional sci-fi and superhero fare they had dealt with initially as the Arrowverse series progressed. The principal antagonist for this more markedly magical shift with the demonic Mallus, a villain capable of possessing bodies to his own fiendish will and threatened to plunge reality under his hellish control.

Now, we're taking a look back at this antagonist, who's one of the Arrowverse's original creations, and how the Legends were ultimately able to defeat him after literally going to Hell and back in the process.

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Who Woke Mallus Up?

The occult magician John Constantine described Mallus as a high-ranking demon that had been trapped within a time prison for centuries. The sixth, lost Zambesi tribe was responsible for safeguarding the land of the dead and entered a deadly alliance with Mallus by binding him to a totem. As Mallus' true, villainous nature came to the surface, the other Zambesi tribes joined forces to trap the demon in a chronal prison existing on the astral plane.

As the Legends activities across the space-time continuum damaged the timestream, Mallus' prison was similarly weakened, which led the demon to actively scheme for his escape fueled by the team's inadvertent help. This became apparent by the Legends' actions in the Season 2 finale, resulting in anachronisms appearing all throughout time, with the resurrection of the villainous Damien Darhk by his daughter Nora, accelerating the demon's plans.

How Strong is Mallus?

Sara Lance Wears the Death Totem

Due to his demonic nature, Mallus is an effectively immortal being and largely immune to conventional attacks, including Constantine's vast array of magical abilities. With his connection to time, Mallus is capable of traveling through the timestream at will, confronting the Legends at different points in history as Season 3 progressed.

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Most insidiously, Mallus was able to possess various figures on Earth before his full escape, taking control of Nora Darhk, Sara Lance and Damien Darhk to do his bidding. While possessing different individuals, Mallus boosts their abilities with his own, from superhuman strength and endurance to the ability to generate flame and ice blasts. Given his connection to the death totem, Mallus can resurrect the dead while his mind control abilities allow him to telepathically affect others, even when not fully possessing them.

How Was Mallus Defeated?

After manipulating Nora into resurrecting her father in 1895 London, Mallus maneuvered the Darhks to carry out his sinister agenda while continuing to plot his escape. After crossing paths with the demon, an overwhelmed Constantine recruited the Legends to help him defeat Mallus for good, briefing them on Darhks' powerful benefactor. Having encountered Sara earlier, Mallus became determined to possess her while developing a deep animosity against Zari for her own totem's connection to the Zambesi.

Using the death totem, Mallus succeeded in temporarily taking control of Sara's body while trapping her soul in Hell. After Sara is freed, Damien realizes his daughter's soul is at stake and decides to join the Legends in saving her from Mallus, with each of the Legends wielding a different totem. While Damien sacrificed himself to save Nora and become Mallus' vessel for his true form, the Legends used the combined totems to summon a giant Beebo Doll to destroy the demon for good. However, an infuriated Constantine would inform the team that destroying Mallus rather than imprisoning him caused all kinds of magical creatures linked to the demon to be unleashed across time and space, setting the events of Season 4 in motion.

Returning on January 21, 2020, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow stars Caity Lotz, Dominic Purcell, Brandon Routh, Nick Zano, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Tala Ashe, Matt Ryan, Jes Macallan and Courtney Ford.

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