Legends of Tomorrow EP Addresses George Lucas' Role, Rip's Return

When "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" returns for the second half of Season 2, the team will come up against a challenge unlike any they've face before: restoring Rip Hunter's identity. The displaced Time Master can't remember who he is, which means the Legends face the momentous task of restoring his identity, all while fighting off the Legion of Doom. So what's a Legend supposed to do in times like these?

According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, they'll keep doing their job: stopping time aberrations. When the show debuts in its new timeslot with "Raiders of the Lost Art," the team will have to make sure George Lucas creates "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" -- or Ray and Nate will suffer the consequences. We spoke with Guggenheim about the upcoming mid-season premiere, including Lucas' impact on the team, as well as Captain Cold's trippy return, the Legion of Doom's endgame, Lily Stein's upcoming role and more.

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CBR: As a big Captain Cold fan, I was psyched to see him back in the mid-season finale -- but were his scenes as in Mick's head as we were led to believe?

Marc Guggenheim: Yeah! Yeah, he was just being a mess. We wanted to bring back Snart in a way that wasn't expected. I think, ultimately, we will get to a place where Snart is a full-on member of the Legion of Doom, and he's not just a hallucination in Rory's head, but we didn't want to start off there. So much of the show is subverting expectations, and we wanted to come out of the gate subverting expectations.

Mick's also got romance on his mind. The mid-season finale seemed to suggest that he's falling for Amaya, but those scenes were mostly from his point of view. Would you say there's potential for her to reciprocate his feelings?

Look, I know there's that sort of stereotype that girls like the bad boy, and I'm not denying that they didn't have chemistry with each other, but I think it would be a big throw to say that Amaya would fall for someone like Mick Rory. But I think she clearly has an affection for him and a level of understanding for him that can form the foundation of a really wonderful friendship.

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One of most fascinating aspects of time travel shows is their ability to allow characters to meet people from their past or their future. What are the odds we'll see Amaya get in touch with her granddaughter Mari McCabe this season?

Depending on how you define "get in touch with," pretty good.

Let's shift gears and talk about "Raiders of the Lost Art." What inspired you to involve a young George Lucas?

You know, originally it started out with where were we going to time displace Rip, and that came out of a variety of different things, including knowing that Arthur [Darvill] does a really great American accent, and we originally had the idea that he was a video store clerk back in the 80s and we changed that to the 1960s and one of the writers had the idea that, well, if he's in the 1960s, maybe he's a film student, and another writer had the idea that, well, he could be a film student with George Lucas. Fundamentally, the way we operate on "Legends" is we always love to go to fun time periods and meet people, like we met Albert Einstein earlier. That's always fun, but what really made the episode come together for us was the realization that maybe George had an effect on Nate and Ray. Maybe, by making "Star Wars," that is what inspired Ray to become an engineer, and by making "Raiders of the Lost Ark," that's what inspired Nate to become a historian. Once we hit upon how it affected two of our characters, the character of George Lucas became worthwhile. It wasn't just a gimmick. It wasn't just a little cameo. It became this major plot point of what if George Lucas never made "Star Wars?" What if he never made "Raiders of the Lost Ark?" How would that have changed the lives of Nate and Ray? That, to us, became the core nucleus of the episode and the reason to do the episode.

According to the episode synopsis, this particular aberration surrounding Lucas really hits home for Ray and Nate. Can you tease what those characters will be like in a world without "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones?"

I will say, much dumber. That's really part of the fun of the episode. It's a little bit like "Flowers for Algernon." One of things we established in Season 1 is that time takes time… so they're slowly losing their grip on their past expertise and their past brilliance, so they've got to set things right basically before Nate becomes a yoga instructor -- not that yoga instructors are dumb, just that it's a different job than being a historian.

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Rip is back, but that's only half the battle. Will the Legends be able to recover his identity quickly, or is that going to be a storyline that stretches over the rest of Season 2?

This is a storyline that's going definitely to continue to go on. There's a lot happening with Rip. There's going to be a lot happening with the Spear of Destiny. In many ways, the second half of the season sort of kicks the plot into a new gear. The mid-season finale set a lot of things in motion. It added Malcolm Merlyn to the Legion of Doom, it revealed Rip is sort of time displaced, it revealed that the Spear of Destiny is the McGuffin of the season. All of these things really start to come into play in a big way, starting with episode nine and beyond.

The Legion is after the Spear of Destiny, which -- as we learn in the mid-season premiere synopsis -- happens to be in Rip's possession. Are we going to see more direct interaction between the Legends and the Legion moving forward?

Yeah. Yeah, definitely. The first half of the season was very much a tease for how the Legends would be interacting with the Legion of Doom, and we really kick that up a notch in the back half of the year.

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We know what the Legion wants, but not why. Are we going to learn their endgame sooner rather than later?

I think so! You know, the truth is, I think you know a lot about it now but don't quite realize it. We'll learn in episode ten why Eobard Thawn wants the Spear, and it's for reasons that come directly out of "Flash." We know that Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn both have destinies and circumstances that they would love to see changed. Malcolm Merlyn has lost -- his wife and son are dead, his daughter won't speak to him, he's missing a hand, he's no longer head of the League of Assassins. Damien Darhk is not only dead, but so is his wife. All the members of the Legion of Doom have reasons, some of which are apparent if you watch the other shows, and others that will be revealed, but all of them have very specific reasons for wanting a device that will rewrite reality. Not to mention the fact that, if you're a super villain, being able to remake the world in your image -- that's not a bad thing.

After the "Invasion!" crossover, we found out that Lily Stein will be a recurring character in the back half of Season 2. What kind of role does she play moving forward?

You know, she's actually in episode ten. She'll return in episode ten and she will provide a very key element in the team's pursuit of the Spear of Destiny, so she plays a pretty large role.

Airing Tuesdays at 9 pm ET/PT on The CW, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” stars Brandon Routh as the Atom, Victor Garber and Franz Drameh as Firestorm, Caity Lotz as White Canary, Maisie Richardson-Seller as Vixen, Dominic Purcell as Heatwave and Nick Zano as Citizen Steel.

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